Unimog Expedition Mobile Explorer XPR440

The Australian expedition supplier EarthCruiser has designed an expedition camper based on the Unimog U 430, with which one can spend weeks in the wilderness. The range is up to 3,500 kilometers

For decades, the Unimog has a permanent place in the travel and expedition scene . But as a rule, the models of the heavy series from the early U1300 / 1700 and upwards are used here. In contrast, the lighter U 405 series, introduced in 2000, is rarely found as the basis of a motorhome. The Unimog 405, which is marketed as a tool carrier, has been designed for this purpose through and through. The topic of long-distance travel was not included in the specifications of the developers.

Explorer expedition mobile on Unimog basis

All the more exotic is the new Explorer XPR440 of the Australian converter EarthCruiser, which has made exactly this series and built on the basis of a 300-hp U430 a huge expedition mobile . The Explorer XPR440 is specifically designed to meet the needs of the vast and largely deserted continent. And those who want to go on a journey around the world will appreciate the specialty of the Unimogs implement carrier: the Variopilot system enables the driver’s seat to be easily changed between both cabin sides for right-hand and left-hand steering.

The 4.4-meter-long housing structure has it all. The lifting roof of the cabin opens over the entire body length and thus enables a comfortable standing height. Suitable for Australian weather, the upper part is made of tent fabric. A double mattress in the rear and a total of five seats for the travelers are available. Autarchy was a top priority: diesel tanks with a capacity of 800 liters and a fresh water supply of 860 liters enable weeks of trips to nowhere.

Always online thanks to satellite connection

The traveler does not have to give up posting from his tour on Instagram and Co. – a satellite system keeps at any point on the earth connection to the Internet, via a total of five cameras externally mounted live images can be streamed to the Web. If you think this is rather unnecessary on a long-distance journey, the Explorer XPR440 also has other advantages. For example, the large rear carrier to take a motorcycle, its own washing machine and two fridge-freezers with a total of almost 300 liters volume. Of course, microwave and air conditioning are also included.

The prices for the 12-tonne long-distance mobile home move in the usual framework of such fellows. Converted around 370,000 euros are due for the base car, with all in the detailed picture gallery featured equipment extras can be expected with about 460,000 euros. Since the flight to Downunder so little weight, to pick up his new dream mobile.