Tuner Hennessey has set with its 1,451-horsepower supercar Venom GT Spyder a new Speed world record for convertibles fastest car in the world

A week ago, it was Nissan , now it’s Hennessey Performance. The Japanese announced initially in a short clip a new world record on that one until a few days later aired: a modifiedNissan GT-R drifted with over 300 km / pm – fast enough for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Hennessey runs world record with Venom GT Spyder

Now Hennessey’s turn. In a video that on Youtube , Facebook and Instagram was rumored heats a Venom GT Spyder on an airfield. The Video Title: “promulgation of a new world record on Monday, April 11th.” A hashtag reveals which record the open 1,451-horsepower sports car should have cracked: “#worldsfastest”.
Venom GT Spyder1

For fastest street legal sports cars then it has not passed. This title remains with 435.31 km / h unofficially the Venom GT coupe. Situated a little more than two years (>>> to the article).The Venom GT Spyder but may carry the title “fastest convertible in the world”. The open two-seater reached on a US Navy Airport in California with open roof 427.4 km / h. The openBugatti Veyron Grand Vitesse is performed with a top speed of 408.84 km / h.

Venom GT Spyder

Now Hennessey wants of record Cabrio three models for well-heeled clients auflegen.Stückpreis: $ 1,300,000 plus taxes.

The record of Venom GTCoupé was and is an unofficial. The makers of Guinness book did not recognize him. In the record book is Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport with around 431 km / h recorded as the fastest production car in the world.

Even as the new record run of convertibles is counted, will have to be seen. Anyway fits a new record US Boys just perfectly: the company celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.