This is what the new BMW 7 Series looks like

This is what the new BMW 7 Series looks like

From March, BMW sells its model-maintained top model. The new 7 Series stands out visually especially through a huge kidney grill. But also in the interior and in the engines Bayern have put a hand on.

BMW revamps the 7 Series for the launch in spring. From the outside, the facelift for the luxury sedan, according to BMW especially the huge kidney grill can be seen, which is 40 percent larger and at the same time raises the front by five centimeters.

That’s how much the BMW 7 Series will cost

In addition, like the Audi A8 or the Porsche Panamera, there is now a continuous light strip for the rear light as well as more trim in chrome all around. The sale of the revised 7 Series begins in March according to BMW and prices start at 88,400 euros.

Inside, the Bavarians promise, among other things, an improved sound insulation and a software update for the operating system, with which, among other things, the voice-controlled, digital assistant as a virtual passenger in the luxury class is introduced.

Most of all the engines that are to standard consumption between 2.1 and 12.5 liters (48 and 285 g / km CO2) come. Although the V12 engine loses a few horsepower by the improved emission control and is therefore in the future with 585 hp in the list. But the V8 gasoline engine in 750i instead of 450 hp now makes 530 hp.

Plug-in hybrid: Here is the biggest change

The biggest changes are in the plug-in hybrids. BMW now harnesses the 113-hp electric motor with a six instead of a four-cylinder. The has 286 hp and raises the system performance to 394 hp. In addition, the electric range of the 745e increases up to 58 kilometers.

The diesel remain untouched by the model care on offer: There are as before a 730d with 265 hp, a 740d with 320 hp and a 750d, which comes to 400 hp.