Sports car registrations August 2018

In August 2018, a total of 316,405 new cars were registered in Germany. The segment of sports cars accounts for 3,630 models. This corresponds to a share of 1.1 percent of the total market.

The sports car registrations degenerate to the Porsche Festival. The sports car manufacturer secured the next month’s win in August . The usual summer hole skipped the sports car .

18 car brands enrolled in the new sports car registrations of the Federal Motor Transport Authority ( KBA ) in August. Porsche dominates the statistics. Elfer , Boxster and Cayman bring it together to 1,064 new registrations . The KBA counts five Mercedes models among the sports cars via the key number : E-Class Coupé, AMG GT, SLC, SL and SLS. The classic with the long hood contributed three new registrations in the past month . His star colleagues 996 more.

Mustang beats TT

In the brand rating Audi takes the third place and Ford the fourth place. In the individual rating, it is the other way around. There Ford’s Mustang runs with 399 new registrations of the Audi TT (398) just short of the third place. Although the TT has increased significantly compared to the same month last year. In August 2017, the KBA had booked 180 new registrations for Audi’s sporty roadster and sporty coupe.

The Ford Mustang has to stand behind the Mercedes E-Class CoupĂ© (517) and Porsche 911 . The 911 enters the next month’s victory . This time with 850 new registrations . In the top 10 are the Mercedes AMG GT (227) in fifth position, SLK / SLC (222), Jaguar F-Type (131), Porsche Boxster (123), Ferrari 488 (100) and Porsche Cayman (91).

The usual summer hole have filled the manufacturers of the sports car . The KBA announces 3,630 new registrations for August . 12 months ago it was 2,635 – so good 1,000 sports cars less. 57.5 percent correspond in the sports car division of commercial applications. This corresponds to one or two percentage points of the level of the previous months. And it’s practically August 2017 (55.8 percent). In the overall market, the share of commercial owners in August 2018 is more than two-thirds of new registrations .

Note: The registration statistics are the official data of the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes takes place by key number over the manufacturer. In the statistics can also appear models that do not exist on the German market, or no longer be built. This special feature can occur in the KBA statistics, if, for example, foreign vehicles are first registered in Germany or vehicles have a new Ident. received .