Sophia Vegas: That’s why she does not want to feed her daughter Amanda

Sophia Vegas: That's why she does not want to breastfeed her daughter Amanda

After Amanda was born on Sunday morning, clean and healthy in Los Angeles after an emergency caesarean section , Mama Sophia Vegas (31) with her Wonneproppen just a few days later already styled leave the hospital. Despite having a baby, Sophia does not want to mutate into over-mom – to continue to have some independence, she’s even gotten a full-time nanny. How quickly this help is used and why she does not want to feed her baby, she reveals in a video interview.

Baby Amanda sleeps (still) all day long

As soon as little Amanda is born, she is allowed to get to know her new home with Mama Sophia Vegas and Dad Daniel. The new parents are well prepared for their offspring. For partner Daniel, it is already child number six – so he brings a lot of dad experience. Sophia was also able to practice diligently with Daniel’s three older sons , thanks to Patchwork Family when it comes to raising children . With Baby Amanda everything is new for the 31-year-old now. Fortunately, the big baby chaos has not broken out yet, because Amanda sleeps the sweet day.

Sophia does not want to be over-mom

When Sophia’s Mini-Me opens her eyes and is hungry, the most important remedy is immediately ready: baby food, because the mother has decided against nursing her offspring all the time. “I could feed,” Sophia tells RTL, “but I do not want to.” After several beauty surgeries , her mammary glands are still intact, yet the She decided against it.