Sophia Thomalla writes an open letter

Sophia Thomalla writes an open letter

What Sophia Thomalla of her foster father Rudi remains, she brings in an open letter

On Instagram, presenter Sophia Thomalla, 29, announces her open letter with a private family photo . On it to see: a young Sophia with blond highlights lovingly embraced by foster father Rudi Assauer († 74). From 2000 to 2010, the former football professional was involved with mother Simone Thomalla , 53. At that time, little Sophia was between 10 and 20 years old – a formative time for everyone.

Sophia Thomalla regrets her contact with Rudi Assauer

Rudi Assauer is the man she “constantly harassed without reason, simply because she was 14 years old and a pubescent brat”. In her emotional first posting after the death announcement , today’s Sophia admits she made a mistake: “For years I’ve told myself it’s a better decision not to try to make contact, now I’m turning 30, and looking back that I regret it, and I find that life is too short. “

Sophia’s compensation: an open letter

A mistake that apparently gnaws at Sophia. For the loss of a loved one often hits friends and family hard and leaves them unconscious. Against this bewilderment and remorse Sophia has a curable antidote: an open letter . On “” she writes on Rudi’s former “executive chair” the soul of the body.

In it Sophia Thomalla describes the smoking Rudi in his office on Schalke : “Legs crossed, again and again cigars spit out.There was tea, black with lemon and tons of honey.The ‘Plörre’ was so incredibly sweet that this no human actually He could have had it. “

In addition, Sophia admits how difficult her move from Berlin to the rest pot fell at that time: “No big city and a different mentality.” Because of him, two hearts beat in Sophia’s chest: “One from East Berlin, one from the Ruhr area.” Sometimes he called Sophia and Simone Thomalla ‘Ossi brides’ and ‘was always happy as a snow king’ when the Thomalla women got worked up about it. She describes what made her foster father a diehard Schalke fan and why she really understands it today.

Rudi Assauer was ill

But Sophia does not want to write about the illness of her foster father Rudi. It should not be that people will remember. Rather, they should “talk about what he did for the club and the whole region,” explains Sophia.

Rudi Assauer was busy late at night, but not only for his club, but always there for his family. “More than I wanted,” as she states in hindsight. Because Assauer endured the pubescent Sophia, like a daughter. In the words of the model: “The first cigarette, the first sip of alcohol, the first six in math, the first visit to the director, the first friend, the first tattoo, if he saw me now, as tattooed as I am, He would probably beat his hands over his head, laugh and say, ‘Oh dear, good night, Maria.’ “