Seat Ibiza – in the practice test against the Machos

Seat Ibiza - in the practice test against the Machos

Sometimes you order a car for a practical test and it just becomes a surprise bag. That’s what happened with the Seat Ibiza in the color Mystic. It obviously challenges, but also forces the Spaniard to show what’s in him.

When the Seat Ibiza with the potent three-cylinder, which draws at least 999 cubic centimeters of displacement 115 PS, was ordered to practice test for, it was said: “Oh, it is only in a very unusual color. But the women totally on it. ” When the speedster then rolled in front of the editor, the author thought briefly, he had to get a cramp. My God, who makes up such a color? A mix of rose gold and whatever. Well, breathed deeply and played with the idea that the women swarm around this car like the moths the light.

The macho challenged

The truth is, the car caught the eye in the 14 days it made its way through the test drives. He was not celebrated frenetically by the women. In fact, the author did feel that the color was clearly associated with the female gender. Anyway, the machos of road traffic seemed challenged. As often as in this car, the flares of BMW and Co. never flare up. And completely unjustified, in the most absurd situations.

Seat Ibiza - in the practice test against the Machos

However, that was also the moment when the Ibiza with the paint, which is called Mystic, could show what is under the rose-colored sheet metal dress. No, a racing machine is not the little Spaniard on the MQB A0 platform from the VW group. But if you ask him, then he can start with a cavalier start to the sprint. However, then the driving program, if it has been booked for 120 euros in the vehicle, should be put on sports in order to tighten the throttle response and to tighten the steering a bit. If you push the pin at the intersection into the metal sheet, you can feel under angry growl of the three-wheeler how 2000 Newton meters maximum torque from 2000 crankshaft turns to the front wheels a bit rough, but consistently transmitted and accelerates the mystical Ibiza in 9.5 seconds on country road speed.

That makes mood, because the power distribution takes over in the test car, the well-known 7-speed dual-clutch transmission from VW. This makes the aisles smoothly through the streets, works without noticeable delay, so that the macho amazed when the Ibiza finally flies with 193 km / h on the highway. And that too can the little Spaniard. Because the engineers have missed him a suspension that is tightly tuned, but not uncomfortable. Only with significant transverse joints, it absorbs the impact clearly noticeable to the occupants. In all other ways it pleases with little movement. In addition, this configuration in conjunction with a direct steering allows faster cornering.

No travel car

Seat Ibiza - in the practice test against the Machos

Of course, this is also due to the wheelbase. At 2.56 meters, the 5.0 centimeter measures more than the Golf IV, which was built from 1997 to 2003. Even in length, only 9.1 inches missing to the middle class. From this point of view one could think that the Ibiza is also a veritable long-distance car. In fact, the sitting conditions in the second row are not bad. Whoever has grown normally does not shuffle with his knees in the front seat or with his head hair in the sky. In the luggage compartment, it can be already narrow with underlying Notlaufrad and 262 liters of storage space. Sports backpack, shoulder bag and photo bag almost fill the room. Of course, the back seat can be folded asymmetrically, so that at the end of a flat surface is created on the 1072 liters of storage space can be filled. Due to the design, however, it can be equipped with cargo more in length than in height.

Let’s take a look at the fuel consumption of the three-cylinder in its highest stage. Of course, as always depends on the driving style. Those who are more likely to amaze the macho will not come under 9.8 liters over the 100 kilometers. But if you are on the road with a gentle foot in Eco mode, you can cover this distance with 6.8 liters. Seat itself has determined on the dynamometer combined 5.5 liters. That seems very optimistic in real operation. In the test ran in this discipline 7.3 liters of gasoline through the tubes. The fact is that the radius of movement in a 40-liter tank at about 450 kilometers, which is absolutely fine.

Sheet-saving helper on board

Seat Ibiza - in the practice test against the Machos

As a small car, however, the Ibiza proves then in the choice of materials in the Innneraum. Here is a lot of hard plastic installed. Although this is visually well laminated, but it is clear when you handle the door panels and fitting. But what sets the car apart from the subcompact category is the sporty, taut seats with generous thigh support and the technical accessories that make traveling enjoyable and above all safer. First and foremost here is the City Emergency Brake Assistant, which, according to its name, really brings the car to a standstill in a tough situation. The author was momentarily inattentive and the system prevented a nasty sheet metal damage. That’s what the brakes do, of course, when the pilot stabs his foot in the iron. However, it should be noted

Worth mentioning are also the parking sensors front and rear. But even better is the rear view camera, which transmits its razor-sharp image on the 8-inch monitor in the center console. Incidentally, this is the first time that Ibiza has a screen of this size. Of course, there is also a fatigue detection and a traffic jam assistant, who performs his work in conjunction with the distance tempomat. Why it only in conjunction with an anti-theft alarm system for an additional 270 euros, however, does not open. Too bad that there is no Lane Keeping Assist. That would make the offer of little helpers really round. Of course, the Ibiza also offers the smartphone mirroring for Apple and Google. If you want, you get two inductive charging cradles in addition to two USB ports.

All things that enhance the Ibiza and, as I said, lift it to another class. In another class but then moves the price. The test car in the highest equipment line Xcellence costs with all the features mentioned 27.515.Euro. However, only 525 euros go for the color mystic on it. A bargain is the Seat Ibiza in full regalia so certainly not more.

Conclusion: The Seat Ibiza, like many of his colleagues outgrew the previously established segment of small cars. This not only applies to the sheer size, but also to the gifts that you can now book in the Spaniard. However, that also has its price. Also, this is no longer a small car in the traditional sense.