Motor vehicle industry considers diesel retrofits to be quick to implement

The car repair shops are in the starting blocks for possible diesel retrofits. But many questions are not yet clear. The opposition also expects the diesel package with driving bans .

Bonn (dpa) – Possible retrofits for older diesel vehicles would be quickly implemented in the workshops according to the assessment of the automotive industry. “I think that is solvable,” said the Vice President of the industry association ZDK, Thomas Peckruhn, the German Press Agency .

The workshops are set up for it. This was demonstrated by earlier conversion measures such as diesel particulate filters or gasoline retrofit catalysts in the 1980s. The ZDK has been pleading for hardware retrofitting for a long time. These engine conversions could start from the perspective of the retrofit supplier Baumot in the coming year.

The opposition in the Bundestag expects even after the planned diesel package of the federal government with driving bans . The IG Metall welcomed the offers. “Overall, the package offers the chance for more safety for employees in the auto industry – without the pressure to let go, to drive forward alternative drive,” said union leader Jörg Hofmann . It is important that foreign manufacturers participate in all measures.

The grand coalition had agreed on a package to prevent diesel driving bans in cities with high pollution levels. It provides incentives to buy new cars. For controversial engine retrofits in older cars still lacking basic commitments of carmakers. For the time being owners of up to 1.4 million diesel cars will benefit from the programs.

Car manufacturers like BMW or Opel refuse retrofits . Volkswagen and Daimler, on the other hand, want to participate in retrofitting , provided that certified and approved systems exist. Volkswagen still made it a condition “that the Federal Government ensures that all manufacturers participate in the appropriate measures”. Also with the foreign manufacturers retrofits are critical. The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers ( VDIK ) still sees liability issues as legally unclear.

Baumot CEO Marcus Hausser told the German Press Agency that there were approval procedures at the Federal Motor Transport Authority ( KBA ). “The federal government’s package can trigger a boost in hardware retrofits.” Baumot has no problem with the warranty. “With this we have many years of experience, many smoke nebulae have been detonated,” Hausser said with a view to reports that recruits did not want to take any responsibility. Baumot Expect conversion costs of an average of 1500 to 2000 euros per car: “For many customers, it is more attractive to retrofit, than to buy a new car despite premiums.”

Hardware retrofits are about installing so-called SCR catalytic converters on older diesel vehicles to reduce pollutant emissions. The ADAC pointed out that it still needed approvals for the SCR catalysts. These would have to be ready for production and tested in continuous operation.

In addition to retrofitting , there should be new incentives to buy cars of the emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5. ZDK Vice Peckruhn said: “This can only be assessed if the exact conditions are clear.” Because of the conversion to new exhaust gas test standards are currently not enough new cars on the market.

IG Metall boss Hofmann told the dpa that the planned possibilities for exchanging and retrofitting hardware are expected to have rapid effects: “Motorists, industry workers and the inhabitants of the affected cities have long been waiting for an end to this tormenting debate. ” If necessary, with a new exhaust gas software could drive many diesel in all cities.

Green parliamentary vice Oliver Krischer held against. “No judge in this country will be impressed by the measures and therefore renounce the imposition of driving bans ,” he told the German Press Agency . In addition, threatened in the foreseeable future fines in the millions of euros from the European Commission, because the air in German inner cities will not get cleaner.

Also from the left came criticism. The fact that manufacturers would not have to pay for any hardware or warranties for hardware upgrades would be the “death knell” for the only effective measure to rapidly improve air quality, said Transport Policy Jörg Cezanne. He spoke of a “political knee-bang”.

The FDP traffic politician Oliver Luksic said: “The proposals of the Federal Government are too late, are not enough and will not prevent driving bans .” The hardware retrofitting would be limited to too few cities, the central point of funding remains unclear. “Sales premiums of individual manufacturers are a sham, because they will benefit only a few.”