Jeep Cherokee (2018) driving report

With modernized engines, modified features and, above all, a thoroughly revised look , the Jeep Cherokee will be launched at the end of the year. We were already able to collect the first driving impressions with the new model year . Now he starts from 41.500 euros in the trade.

Good car , but the look … So and similar were the (friendlier) comments of the always particularly tradition-conscious Jeep fan base, as the current Cherokee 2014 debuted. Now, the friends of the model between Wrangler and Grand Cherokee were already used to grief, because everything that followed the now legendary Jeep Cherokee XJ from the 1980s, was well beyond a mass-compatible design, unforgotten about the quirky design of the Cherokee KJ. But the current Cherokee , model code KL, topped it all.

First and foremost because of its front, with its tapered boat shape and the four-eye design of the underlying headlights showed no relation to the rest of the model range. The sales success in Germany remained relatively manageable, even more so, since with the attractive Compass a size not so far away model pulled into the program.

Giant facelift for the Cherokee

The regular revision to the middle of the model cycle, however, Jeep now unexpectedly extensively used to defuse these nasal problems sustained. The result also gives the named traditionalists reason to enjoy. Because with a radical cure, the entire front was redesigned. The bonnet says goodbye to the curved line and now receives an edge to the fenders after current fashion. The bumper moves far up, the grille, which traditionally has seven slots, is no longer so prominently bent. And above all: Large, one-piece headlamps in the Grand Cherokee look bring calm and normality into the design language, the fog lights retreat into small, round housings in the bumper.

At the rear also holds a more universal form of entry. The number plate is now in the tailgate instead of as previously embedded in the rear apron, this migrated in return flat up. The optical underrun protection is significantly increased, the tailpipes of the exhaust system ovalized. With the new graphics of the LED taillights, the rear design now looks considerably beefier overall. There is also LED at the front, where low and high beam as Bi-LED radiate to the bet, the fog lights rely on the modern technology.

The new tailgate is made of lightweight composite material and has an optional automatic opening when approaching the owner. There will also be a Trailhawk version of the new Cherokee , so Jeep names the variants of each series that are particularly suitable for off-roading thanks to additional construction measures.

Revised interior

The interior also gets a cosmetic treatment, including new veneer in piano lacquer look. Also in the Cherokee attracts the latest UConnect generation with the inclusion of Apple and Android smartphones . In addition, as already in the Renegade, the lower part of the center console was redesigned with the selector switch for the various driving programs, which creates additional storage space. Furthermore, the electronic control of the Neungang automatic receives an update. Shift paddles on the steering wheel are just as new as the design of the cargo hold: Here, the technicians discovered, among other things by the modified shape of the rear fairing, an additional 70 liters of volume.

The facelift also gets a brand new petrol engine under the hood. The two-liter four-cylinder, in which both the head and the block are made of aluminum, has direct injection and a twin-turbo. The 270-horsepower engine with two liters of displacement will replace the not particularly popular with us 3.2-liter V6 with nearly identical performance, which remains in the US in the program. But not immediately, we are waiting for the gasoline engine in Europe until 2019.

New engines in the Jeep Cherokee

Available from the start is the new diesel engine generation. The trimmed to Euro 6d standard Multijet engines will come in the future in the variants 150 and 195 hp, thus making each 10 hp more than the previous engines. The earlier 200-horsepower variant is logically omitted. The 150-horsepower diesel is only available with six-speed manual transmission, the 195-horsepower engine only with the already known Neunstufen converter automatic. New is the combination of strong automatic diesel with front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive (always automated, with optional off-road gear ratio) is optional in the future.

With the 195 hp version in the fully equipped Overland trim, we completed the first test drive with the new model generation of the Jeep Cherokee . The big Aha-moment remains out, because at the – in principle well done – vote has changed during the facelift nothing essential. So you can continue to dynamise skilfully through curves, because the roll and side slope is not bad and that easily in the taut trending suspension leaves a competent impression.

Even with the automatic transmission can be largely satisfied. Striking is the very spontaneous start from the stand, who has great pleasure in traffic lights, will like that. The switching operations are gentle and fluffy even under load. Principally welcome is the zealous thinking of the transmission, by quickly sorting down one or two gears in certain situations – shift downhill or spontaneous acceleration, for example. But occasionally it remains stubborn in this decision taken until another speed-reducing high gear is nachgeschoben.

The diesel engine comes with a broad chest and delivers quite powerful propulsion. However, he also likes to underline the idea of ​​”bearded” acoustically. Although the overall successful sound insulation diminishes its working noise in the background, the (quiet) pithy nailing always remains present.

The starting price for the 195-hp front-wheel drive in Longtitude equipment is 41,500 euros, the cheaper 150-PS variants come later. That means a hefty extra charge for the last model year, because the customer got the same rate nor four-wheel drive and automatic transmission delivered. The cheapest all-wheel drive costs from 43,500 euros. The Limited equipment starts from 45,500 euros, as Overland version at least 51,500 euros are required.