Finally! With this picture they make it official

Instagram posting makes love official

First it was just a rumor, now it has been confirmed: Matthias Schweighöfer and Ruby O. Fee make their relationship with an Instagram posting now official

Matthias Schweighöfer , 37, and Ruby O. Fee, 23, are now officially a couple.

Instagram posting makes love official

The screen star (“100 Things”) and the actress (“Polar”) both posted their first couple photo on their respective Instagram accounts. Together in the backseat of a car, huddled together, in love – that’s how the couple presents itself for the first time on its social media accounts. “Hangover”, Schweighöfer writes to the love snapshot. His girlfriend Ruby has today (7 February) birthday – whether the two have clean-lined?

Instagram posting makes love official

Matthias Schweighöfer + Ruby O. Fee: Your love story

On January 26, 2019, the 37-year-old had announced via Instagram, to have separated from the mother of his two children, Ani Schromm. At the same time, he revealed that there was a new woman in his life. Quick suspected Ruby O. Fee. After all, she and Schweighöfer had posted suspicious photos of herself on Instagram at Christmas 2018, suggesting that they spend time together.

When Schweighöfer commented on Fee’s Instagram post on January 30 with the words “I love you the most”, the final proof seemed to have been delivered. A few days later, the couple then walked along the Alster in Hamburg.