Fancy camping accessories

From a funny caravan salt & pepper set, to a beer safe without electricity, to a travel toilet in the form of a ” bucket ” we present you with 12 original camping gadgets for giving away and for your own use .

1) Caravan salt & pepper set

So the camping holiday gets the right spice! A sweet gift idea are these two salt and pepper ceramic spreader caravans.

Quote from the article reviews : “The spreaders have arrived great. A great gag for campers. And they also work flawlessly. That’s something you want more often. ”

2) Paperback “Anyone can do it: my wife, our caravan and me”

Loosely-easy holiday reading wanted? A paperback by Andreas Austilat with 288 pages for all those who want to look at camping from an ironic distance: He tells how his wife brings him to camp. Of course, the novel reads best on the road or on the pitch.

Quote from the article reviews : “It is so comforting to know that we are not the only ones who begin the holiday verbally to mangle the awning structure …… I came out of the grin ….. .man recognizes in almost all described situations to 90% again …. nice “easy” reading pleasure. ”

3) Camping lamp

The camping lamp is a combination of camping lantern and mosquito killer. It is environmentally friendly because it is used without the use of pesticides or toxic substances.

Quote from the article ratings :”I needed a small portable and power-independent insect brooder. This fulfills its purpose more than good. If I sit in my garden in the evening, I will not be stung anymore. I just take this Insect Brooder, turn it on and the UV light attracts the mosquitos etc., the 1200 volt charged cage around the light gives the insects the rest. The part can do even more, except the handy hanger is also a lamp installed. Simply unscrew the lower body, turn it over and tighten it again. You can set 3 levels of light and even use the insect brooder at the same time. In any case, I no longer go to the garden without this little piece in the evening and have not been stung since then. Clear Buy recommendation. ”

4) Fly swatter with sound effect

Unloved visit on the pitch? No problem: in the form of a mini sandal on a stick, there is a fly swatter. The special feature of this clip is not just the look: with every beat it creates a funny sound. It does not really matter if you really do prey on the hunt or not.

Quote from the article reviews : “The thing has a pleasant funny sound when slamming. Similar to a sound from a comic. You have to be aware that flying this way is more fun than an effective hunting. ”

5) Biersafe : ground cooling tube without electricity

What is worse than warm beer? And what’s nicer than a treasure hunt? Especially for RV owners who like to be self-sufficient, this gadget could be a holiday savior. Because: The beer safe works completely without electricity or gas. The beer is kept cold by a ground cooling tube – a little joy in experimentation and a shovel. The Biersafe is the perfect men’s gift and highlight at every party.

Quote from the article reviews : “The beer safe was a gift for my brother in law. He arrived very well and was installed directly. Hole in the garden dug, used, filled up a bit with sand and since then he has to be “refilled” daily. Super quality and fun factor high 10. ”

6) power bank in heap emoji design

Speaking of self-sufficiency: The pink Emoji Power Bank is a small, handy battery for smartphones and other devices with a USB port. Thanks to the witty and creative design, the Powerbank is a great gift idea!

Quote from the article reviews : “Great device, my daughter wished it for her birthday. Since then she is in operation. Not only looks great, but also has a super power. I would buy it again. Packaging and shipping were also more than 5 * ”

7) Camping toilet bucket

Beautiful place: The camping toilet in the form of a bucket has a lid capacity of 15.5 L. The kompoakten dimensions of about 33x 37×26 cm provide a small pack size of the toilet, making it ideal for a campervan without a bathroom. According to user reviews, the bucket is very comfortable to handle.

Quote from the article reviews : “Great, it kackt excellent on the pail bucket. Carried on trips in the camper, for emergencies where it does not work outside. Great for the “small business”. ”

8) Buoyancy aid

Careful, there’s a shark coming! The “shark fin” SwimFin prevents children from drowning while swimming and is ideal for beginners or children from 3 years. For those who feel insecure in the water or who are guaranteed to attract attention.

Quote from the article reviews : “We bought the SwimFin for our 5-year-old, so he is better prepared for the free-swimming. Works great and is so funny that even the big brothers, who are already free to swim, swim here and there. ”

9) Langer inflatable sofa

If you want to make yourself comfortable on the beach or on the shore, but find normal picnic blankets uncomfortable, you could bring your living room feeling outside with this air couch. To fill the sofa with air, it is simply swung through the air twice, then the end is rolled up and closed. There is no need for an air pump or breathing air. The air sofa can be taken anywhere.

Quote from the article reviews : “Have similar product seen many times in advertising, until I finally decided to buy it myself. A decision I do not regret. It takes a few tries to get the most out of the inflatable sofa. But once it works out, it’s a true “gamechanger”. Whether in the park or on the beach, so you always have a super comfortable seating, almost like home on the couch. Only in the sun;) ”

10) Inflatable cup holder in lifebuoy design

This pool bar fits in every motorhome: The floating drinks bar offers 6 cup holders as well as space for a fruit bowl, snacks or bottles. This makes every water a summery chill-out area – and the drinks stay cool.

Quotation from the article ratings : “We have bought the cup holder rather for fun, but I have to say, he is relatively often used and does what he should! Even a full beer bottle will not wobble or tip over! Schippert in the summer always well loaded with by the pool … 😉 ”

11) Mini washing machine

If you are traveling for a long time, you may want to wash your clothes every now and then. Stupid, if it is on Stell- and Campinplätze just then no washing machine, when the laundry is full. Here comes the help: The mini-washing machine by Goods & Gadgets washes and hurls dry and uses little power. 160 watts of washing power and 90 watts of drying power for up to 2 kg of d#rty laundry.

Quote from the article reviews : “Has exceeded my expectations. Even the length of the power cord is sufficient for me. Washes super, pump out no problem at all and the slingshot is awesome. I am very happy about this purchase. ”

12) Bungee camping chair

This folding chair has instead of fabric surfaces to sit a net of bungee ropes in which you can drop. As a result, it bounces back nicely and you can get up and down, as in a hammock. The ropes adapt to any body shape once you have found the right seating position.

Quote from the article reviews : “The chair is the absolute hammer. Was a bit skeptical at first. He is very comfortable. The cords are noticeable but not disturbing. I’ll put a thin blanket or towel over it then it’s perfect. Class product. I wonder how the long-term test fails. ”

13) Flashlight Gloves

The gloves by Angtuo are made of neoprene material with different settings. A perfect outdoor night lighting. For example, they are suitable for fishing and repairing small things. Even if you want to look in the engine compartment or under the vehicle, they certainly perform well.

Quote : “An awesome gadget !! With that I have often, during crafting and building, illuminated the work area! Of course, only as an extra light !! ”