Decrypt female tattoos

Many women who get a tattoo want to convey a message. Take a good look, because that will help you find out a lot about them – even the most intimate.

Tattoos are always an offer for communication. If you notice a tattoo onthe first date or getting to know each other, do not hesitate to contact her, especially as it is also a chance for in-depth conversations with her, away from small talk. If these are just small, individual tattoos (less than 10% of the area of ​​the skin), there is no need for a message behind it. Often it’s just a fashion statement. But the more skin is tattooed, the more significance is usually in the selected motifs or logotypes – the more rebellious she encounters society and its conventions.

The meaning of the place of the tattoo
It does not matter where the woman has tattooed, because most of the time she has thought of something. Roughly, it’s about how easily the tattoo is visible to others. For example, neck, neck and décolleté are difficult to hide. Here it should be stared at and usually there are also messages that she wants to trumpet out into the world. On the part of the body that usually only a few, such as the thighs, often see more intimate or personal messages. However, this is not necessarily true for the genital area: Here the woman often just wants to look good. S8xual references are often found in the abdominal area or on the thighs.

This is what the symbols mean:

Maritime Motives: The compass can stand for a decision in life. A course she has taken or wants to take. Tip: Maybe he points to another place on the body? An anchor, on the other hand, symbolizes the longing for security and stability. The desire to be firmly anchored.

Antler: Hardly stung, but is still often found and indicates s8xual freedom.

Stars: They often decorate another, significant symbol and should emphasize it.

Crosses: Not only popular with Catholics, but also a symbol of a profound personality. If the cross is upside down, it probably has a tendency towards occultism or Satanism.

Flowers: Pay attention to the type of flower. For example, the Lotus stands for beauty, rebirth and a long life. The rose usually has something to do with love. Cherry blossoms stand for purity of body and soul.

Heart: Pay attention to the design of the typical love motive. If it is lit with flames, the woman may be very passionate and spirited. If the heart is torn, she may have sustained a painful injury.

Animals: Often it is about the characteristics of the animal. Birds are the symbol of freedom par excellence. They reflect the longing for freedom and independence. Predators stand for strength, respect and power. The wolf is also very popular with women, it stands for courage and unity, represents longing or thoughtfulness. The dolphin and butterfly are also very popular motives. They stand for the metamorphosis in something else. The butterfly is often intended to reflect the woman’s femininity and s8xuality.