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Trump to summit with Putin: «I’m not pro-Russian»

Because of basta. The aftermath of the memorable appearance of US President Trump at the Helsinki Summit with Kremlin chief Putin continues . First, Trump must publicly back row, then he lays down against a critic. And also Chancellor Merkel gets her fat away. Washington (AP) – US President Donald […]

One hundred companies will participate in the second US-Ourense trade mission of the Provincial Government

The meeting between the US and US entrepreneurs will be held this week About a hundred empras, 97 in particular, will participate in the second US-Ourense trade mission organized by the Provincial Council. According to the information made public by the provincial institution, the meeting will be held this week, […]

NORTH KOREA : USA send second aircraft carrier

A second US aircraft carrier is on its way to the waters near the Korean peninsula. This is reported by media from the USA and South Korea. This is not so unusual, says the Navy. Seoul In the midst of growing tensions in the conflict with North Korea, the US, […]

Facts about Sweden

The largest country in the Region is also the one with the most inhabitants. For many, Sweden is synonymous with the production of quality cars, iron and steel. Inland lakes and large rivers represent nearly ten percent of the area of ​​Sweden. The country also has vast coniferous forest areas, […]