What the eye color reveals about the character

Look deep into our eyes for a moment – and we’ll tell you who you are

What the eye color reveals about the character

For your eyes, you’ve probably already got one or the other compliment, right? But did you know that your eye color can also be an indicator of certain character traits ? That’s what researchers at the Orebro University in Sweden found out. They asked 428 people to participate in an investigation that established relationships between the color of their eyes and their personality.

Brown eyes: strong character

Brown is the most common eye color. Anyone who has brown eyes is commonly considered a leader, because they are an indication of a strong character . People with dark brown or even almost black eyes are perceived as very pleasant. Brown-eyed people are also considered loyal and gentle – but not to be confused with submissive. Her character is just too strong for that.

Green eyes: high sex appeal

Women with green eyes – as men agree – are often perceived as very attractive. The eye color gives a woman something mysterious and seductive. Which characteristics are more common in people with green eyes? They can not be quickly disconcerted and do a good job under pressure. In addition, they are considered very creative.

Gray eyes: very alert

A gray eye color is the weakest form of blue eyes and is very rare. People with gray eyes can move in well and quickly into other people and situations. If you have light gray eyes, you are also extremely alert .

Hazelnut brown eyes: independent

People with hazel eyes usually love their independence. They are considered self-confident and spontaneous . ( By the way, this also applies to back sleepers – see here our sleep position analysis .) If one believes the results of the study, the behavior of these people is extremely difficult to predict and assess.