What is expected from Apple’s September event

Even if Apple does not expect any big technical sensations this fall, the industry looks forward to Cupertino next Wednesday . You can already guess what Apple CEO Tim Cook and his managers will introduce.

Cupertino (dpa) – For years, Apple has been updating the iPhone in time for the Christmas season in September – the company’s most important product. Now the group invited for next Wednesday to a novelty concept. The product range could be renewed in many areas:

– iPhone : Even though Apple keeps aloof, it’s clear that new iPhone models will be released on September 12th. Thanks to reports from the media and analysts, one now has an idea of ​​what they will look like. Accordingly, there will be three versions, all of which take over the design of the iPhone X from last year: A screen that fills almost the entire front, with a recess for the sensors face recognition FaceID at the top. This should be the home button that has shaped the iPhone since the first model, the past.

As for the individual models: According to reports, there is a new edition of the iPhone X , which should be called according to the blog “9to5Mac” iPhone XS (which according to Apple’s previous naming “10s” would be pronounced), with an unchanged screen diagonal of 5 , 8 inches (14.7 cm). In addition, a larger version with a 6.5-inch display is planned. The cheaper version – the successor to the current iPhone 8 – should therefore get an LCD screen instead of the more contrasting OLED technology and a housing made of aluminum instead of stainless steel. And the new version of the iPhone X is now to give it a gold tone.

– Apple Watch : A putative marketing photo of Apple , which got “9to5Mac” in the fingers seems to confirm that the next generation of computer-clock gets a larger display – probably mainly because the screen edges are thinner. On the picture is also a new small opening between the two buttons on the case of the clock to see, whose purpose was previously unknown.

– Mac computer: In July, Apple refreshed the most expensive version of its MacBook Pro laptops – with the touch-sensitive TouchBar strip above the keyboard – with new processors. According to information from the financial service Bloomberg could be replaced for years hardly changed MacBook Air by a new entry-level model with a higher-resolution screen and faster chips. To renew the MacBook , which is both smaller and more expensive (and more modern) than the Air. According to Bloomberg , the small desk calculator Mac mini will eventually be updated.

– And otherwise? One product Apple is likely to bring out is the AirPower charging mat, which allows the iPhone , Apple Watch and AirPods earphones to be topped up wirelessly at the same time. The device was already announced last year – according to media reports, the technical implementation of the concept but difficult. In addition, from Apple a new model of AirPods earphones expected. The wireless earplugs have become a hit in the last two years.