Top 10 Trending Yakuza Tattoo for Women’s

Have you ever heard about the Yakuza tattoo culture? More popularly known as Irezumi, the Yakuza tattoo culture is associated with Japanese history. However, its impact on the whole world is in the form of sacred art. The Bokken tattoo was given as punishment to prisoners by the Japanese king in medieval times, which would distinguish them from ordinary civilians. However, the Yakuza tattoo art has evolved with time because the tattoos once considered punishment is deemed a unique art form in modern times.

1. Yakuza Sleeve Tattoo For Females:

Yakuza Sleeve Tattoo For Females

Japanese culture is essential to cherry blossoms because they symbolise life and transient nature. These flowers get scattered by wind and rain and vanish from the earth once they fall from the tree. This yakuza shoulder tattoo has a cherry blossom with a snake which can be suitable for men and women with modifications of your choice. In Japanese folklore, snakes are associated with earth’s power, prophecy and wisdom. The use of natural colours for the tattoo makes it even more realistic.

2. Yakuza Style Bonsai Tattoo:

Yakuza Style Bonsai Tattoo

If you are looking for unique yakuza tattoo ideas, a bonsai pattern can be an excellent option. Bonsai is a Japanese art form of growing plants in a tub or small wase. The relaxed perspective toward existence is the innate symbolism of the bonsai tree is often considered. This bonsai tree tattoo looks as realistic as possible with all-natural colours. This tattoo is suitable for people of all genders, irrespective of age.

3. Unique Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve:

Unique Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve

According to Japanese culture, the crane symbolises hope and peace and is a deeply respected creature. The bird also represents wisdom and longevity and brings good fortune and luck to the wearer. This Yakuza tattoo design has a crane detailed with a flower depicted in a black sky. The beauty of the tattoo design depends on where you would like to get it engraved. The best spots to get the tattoo is the arm or the thigh.

4. Goromajima Tattoo On The Knife:

Goromajima Tattoo On The Knife

Sega’s Yakuza video game series contains a recurring character GoroMajima and one of the main protagonists of the series. This tattoo design has a knife with half the face of the natural white the blade is broken at the bottom of the invention. Unlike only black ink, this tattoo uses black, grey, and red, making the design look realistic. This tattoo seems exceptional to anyone who is into these types of tattoos.

5. Black And White Samurai Yakuza Tattoo:

Black And White Samurai Yakuza Tattoo

Japanese masks are top-rated for theatrical purposes and festivals or even worn for several religious events. The design you choose creates inspiration and is one of the popular choices for tattoos. It also symbolises good luck and is used to ward off evil, though it might be a little scary to look at. This tattoo design can also represent a woman consumed by love and passion.

6. Koi Yakuza Chest Tattoos:

Koi Yakuza Chest Tattoos

This yakuza body tattoo usually involves a Koi fish associated with prosperity and good fate. In Japanese legends, Koi can move against the heavy side because they can surmount waterfalls. Therefore, Koi can also mean the wearer has been through unfortunate events because they exemplify resolution. Therefore, men and their shoulders usually prefer these tattoos to be the perfect spot for them.

7. Japanese Yakuza Tattoo:

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

The namakubi or the severed head tattoo can mean respect for a foe, courage and fearlessness in Japanese culture. But many consider this tattoo a warning that might say, “don’t mess with me.” Samurai tradition of headhunting in battle is a pure depiction of this Yakuza tattoo. Moreover, this design uses multiple colours, making it stand out exceptionally.

8. Yakuza Majima Tattoo On The Chest:

Yakuza Majima Tattoo On The Chest

Oni’s are friends or ogres that punish sinister by doling out grisly penalties. Usually, red or blue is used to paint these massive and terrifying creatures. But the wearer has kept it simple by using only black ink across the chest, making the tattoo look like a necklace. On the other hand, the unruly hair and fangs might make the tattoo look scary. So you can either leave it with black ink or use colours to make it more realistic.

10. Yakuza Back Dragon Tattoo:

Yakuza Back Dragon Tattoo

Compared to the West, Dragons are viewed differently in Japan. Yakuza dragon tattoos signify durability, enlightenment, and courage and the Japanese consider them guardians or patrons of humankind. Green dragons are usually associated with nature and have significance to the wearer. This back tattoo looks very elegant and has various details that make it look realistic.