Top 10 Trending Sun Tattoos for Women’s

Without the sun, there would be no life on Earth. The star at the center of our solar system has been worshiped by ancient cultures and remains a powerful symbol today.

It is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to a tattoo like this, which represents strength, light, and rebirth. When deciding to get tattooed with the sun, there are many variations,

each with its unique meaning and design. These include the sun and moon inkling, which signifies the balance between two things. You could also opt for a colorful tattoo or a traditional style.

Regarding placement options, there is no limit; go big and bold with thigh body art, or opt for something small and cute.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your latest tattoo, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Sun and Moon Tattoo

A sun and moon tattoo is rich in symbolism and represents the balance between two different things. These could include life and death, good and bad omens, or masculine and feminine energies.

Not only does this piece make a powerful statement about the wearer, but it is also visually impressive. This design has many variations; you can combine the two images or let them stand alone. One thing is sure whatever you opt for, your ink will be meaningful and beautiful.

Sun Moon Tattoo Ideas

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

The yin and yang symbol comes from ancient Chinese philosophy and focuses on the unity of two different concepts. In this case, the sun and moon tattoo work well together because although they are two opposing forces, they must achieve balance.

The sun signifies rebirth and new beginnings in a tattoo like this, while the moon represents the past. A woman who wants to focus on the future will be drawn to this meaningful tattoo design.

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo Design

Small Tiny Sun Tattoo

Large, detailed ink can make a statement, and they are certainly eye-catching, but little pieces are appealing, too. A small sun tattoo is just as meaningful, and the best part about this design is that you are not limited to placement options.

Tiny body art also tends to be more discreet, allowing you to cover it up if you wish. If you are getting your first tattoo, or want something delicate and feminine, then this is your option.

Simple Sun Fake Temporary Tattoo

Simple Sun Tattoo

Simple tattoos are a fantastic choice for a woman who is more laid back in her personality. Instead of getting something overly complicated, this design focuses on basic outlines and shapes. There is no need for colored ink or shading,

and the fundamental elements of the piece are all that is necessary to make a statement. As a bonus, choosing body art like this usually comes with a lower price tag and a shorter tattoo session. Plus, you can expect much less pain.

Cheery Simple Sun Upperarm Tattoo

Sun Moon and Star Tattoo

If you are inspired by artwork that is rich in symbolism, then you will love the sun, moon, and stars tattoo. There are many ways to interpret this design, but one of the most powerful meanings is linked to the family. The moon represents the female,

while the sun is masculine, and the stars can be children. A piece like this celebrates the family unit and is a great way to honor your loved ones. Other meanings include the balance between day and night. When deciding on getting your chosen body art, it is recommended to have it inked somewhere you can see to remind yourself why you chose it.

Matching Sibling Tattoos

Sun Rays Tattoo

A tattoo of the sun’s rays usually has a spiritual element to it. The light shining down can be seen as god gazing upon us. Many of these pieces include other features, such as a dove, praying hands, or a rosary. There is a different interpretation,

though, which focuses on life. We cannot survive on the earth without the sun, which is a source of warmth and energy in our lives. These ideas can be expressed through your chosen body art, an appealing choice for a spiritual woman.

Sun Rays Shoulder Tattoo

Yellow Sun Tattoo

When we draw an image of the sun, we typically tend to use yellow to depict it. It is a color that is often associated with warmth and light, and it is not surprising that it would be used to represent the sun. The shade is also linked to happiness and optimism. This vivid hue gives your ink an impressive finish, making it a standout design.

Pin on Tattoos

Tribal Sun Tattoo

The tribal sun has a very distinct style, and although relatively simple in terms of design, it holds essential symbolism. These tribal tattoos are associated with the balance between the sun and life. We all know that without the star at the center of our solar system,

we would not exist on Earth, and this concept is explored through this ink. The sun means something different to each culture, and it could also represent light, creativity, and fertility. When deciding on your chosen body art, be sure to pick something that resonates with you.

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Wave and Sun Tattoo

Many people view the sun as a source of light and power, while the oceans’ moving water symbolizes life’s highs and lows. Combining the sun and a wave is a simple but impactful tattoo.

For some, it can be seen as going with the flow; for others, it is nature’s balance. This design will appeal to anyone who has troubles on their mind and will remind them to let go and take everything one day at a time.

Dainty Sun Wave Temporary Tattoo / sun tattoo / wave tattoo

Rising Sun Tattoo

The rising sun tattoo has Japanese roots. It is inspired by the country’s former flag, a red and white image used by the military. The design represents the county’s emerging empire, loyalty, and strength.

When deciding on this body art, it would be best to tattoo it in color. It is also worth noting that some people find this piece offensive, so it is essential to do your research before getting anything inked.

Japanese Rising Sun Temporary Tattoo Sticker (Set of 2)