Top 10 Trending Cool Tattoo for Women’s

Tattoos have been gaining a lot of popularity lately and we know why. They are undeniably sexy and give a sense of individuality. Now that you’ve prepared yourself for a tattoo, it is choosing the appropriate design that’s hella tough. Well, if you have ever watched Tattoo Nightmares, then you know how a bad tattoo decision can be a real pain. But ladies don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here, we have scoured the internet for some of the best tattoo designs for women. Get ready to get inked!

Flower Bracelet Tattoo

Floral Bracelet Tattoos
This simple floral bracelet design looks simply beautiful! Who needs jewellery when you can just have this amazing tattoo instead?

Delicate Dreamcatcher Tattoo

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Dreamcatcher tattoos have been quite a rage lately. Dream catchers are associated with protection from bad spirits and dreams, and are believed to keep you safe. Even if you don’t believe in this, you can get a dream catcher tattoo simply because it looks oh-so-beautiful! We’re loving the delicate, simple design of this tattoo.

‘Believe’ Angel Wings Tattoo

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Wings are among the most common tattoo designs for women. But we are specifically loving this design! The spread-out shape makes perfect use of the broad upper back area. Given its placement, you can flaunt it when you want to, or even choose to cover it up with high neck tops, if need be.

Flying Birds

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Remember the collarbone tattoo that Taapsee Pannu’s character had in the film Pink? Back when the film released, this tattoo design became quite popular. Birds signify freedom and independence, and we are loving how this design highlights the collarbone.

Sternum Tattoo Design

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Sternum tattoos are painful but when done perfectly, they look absolutely beautiful! This leafy and floral design is simple, yet stunning.   

A Foliage of Dreams

Dreamcatcher with Celtic Knot Clover Tattoo

An unconventional spot for a delicate tattoo! If you want a tattoo just for yourself and not for others, this is the one for you.

Tulip & Pots

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This Tulip vase tattoo is hella different and interesting. Ditch the regular flower motif and instead opt for this kind of design.

A Sunflower Stem

Flower Tattoos You'll Want To Plant -™

This single stem of sunflower looks so delicate and chic. And did you notice how the stem is made of words and not just a line? Interesting!

Floral Moon Tattoo Design

Floral Moon Tattoo Designs

This simple yet stunning tattoo design for women exudes feminity, and we’re loving the placement of the tattoo! It can also be easy to cover up in a professional setting.

Musical Note Tattoo

Small Music Note Tattoo for Women | Music tattoo designs, Small music tattoos, Music notes tattoo

Behind-the-ear tattoos look really cool! Get these dainty musical notes inked and show your love for music. One of the perks of getting behind-the-ear tattoos is that they can easily be hidden behind your hair when you don’t want them to be visible.