Top 10 Toe Nail Designs

Whenever there’s cute mani, there always needs to be an equally cute pedi! Manicures and pedicures go hand-in-hand (pun intended). Nail care for your feet is as significant as nail care for your hands – and if you love to flaunt your toes during sandal season (which to be honest pretty much means all year round for us Indians), then you’d know how important it is to get the right foot nail art in place. Whether it’s going with bright colours or dazzling up those toenails with some glitter, you should never shy away from trying new toe nail art designs and jazzing up your feet. Feeling inspired? Check out these foot nail art designs that are perfect for your toes –– no matter what the season or the occasion. From glossy to matte nail enamels, we’ve covered all toe nail designs for you!

1. Floral Play – Toe Nail Art

Summer Flowers Toe Nail Art Design - YouTube


Pair a bright orange glossy nail enamel with a floral print on your big toe. You can mix and match it with your manicure by doing the same on your ring finger.

2. Shining Star


Foot Nail Art Designs To Put Your Best Food Forward - MyGlamm


Everybody loves pearly white nail polish! Give this shining star toe nail design a little more pizazz by dazzling it with some stones.


3. Pretty In Pink


85 Toe Nail Designs 2024 You Can Try | Zehennageldesign, Nagelideen,  Nagellack


Bubblegum pink paired with a baby blue can only mean one thing –– hello cute pedicure! Tie in the entire foot nail art look with some glitter and white hued lines on the big toe.

4. Line Up – Toe Nail Art


18+ Toe Nail Art Designs & Ideas


Matte nail polish? Hell yes! Throw in a zig-zag pattern to make it less dull and boring –– this toe nail design can pretty much fit in with any and every hue out there. 


5. Seeing Stripes

Foot Nail Art Designs To Put Your Best Food Forward - MyGlamm



Neon and bright colours galore! This pretty foot nail art for your toes is perfect for the summer when you NEED to put your best foot forward.


6. Played Up

Foot Nail Art Designs To Put Your Best Food Forward - MyGlamm



How fun does this toe nail art design looks? The pink base along with the dark pink and blue floating designs makes this a quirky go-to.


7. Daisy Love – Toe Nail Art


40 Eye-Catching Toe Nail Art Designs : White Daisy + Plaided Toe Nails in  2024 | Simple toe nails, Toe nails, Gel toe nails


Who doesn’t love daisies? The mint blue nails are cute, but what really makes this toe nail art stand out are the daisies delicately drawn on the big toe.


8. Sprinkle Fun


18+ Toe Nail Art Designs & Ideas

Sprinkles are good on everything –– ice cream, donuts, and your toes! A great summer or vacay staple, this feet nail art will make your pedicure pop.


9. Dual Tone


Foot Nail Art Designs To Put Your Best Food Forward - MyGlamm

An underrated combo, break the monotony of your dark and gloomy black nails, with a pastel pink hue. Use  a fine brush to draw in mini strokes on your big toe.


10. Smiley Galore – Toe Nail Art


Foot Nail Art Designs To Put Your Best Food Forward - MyGlamm


A chirpy and peppy toe nail design, give your yellow toenails an upgrade by adding a smiley face on one toe and then a glittery yellow on the other.