Top 10 Trending Black French Tips Nails Design

French tips are forever a clean and classic look. Traditionally, they include a white, curved tip that mimics the shape of the nail atop a sheer pinky-nude base. If you want this design without going too conventional, you can switch things up with black French tips.

“A French tip manicure is one of my favorite nail looks. It’s simple, yet cool, and you can play around with any color and combo that you want to achieve different vibes,” says celebrity manicurist Brittney Boyce. “It gives the look an edge! It’s also less harsh than a full black nail look.”

Graphic Black Tips

25 Black French Tip Nail Ideas to Try

If you were a fan of Kim Possible, this neon-green-and-black combo will instantly remind you of Shego, the show’s super-cool villain. If not, just enjoy this edgy manicure accented by graphic black French tips.

Separated Squiggles

25 Black French Tip Nail Ideas to Try

“We love making the French tip the design element by keeping the base sheer or clear, which also elongates your nails,” says Alva.

Classic French

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Simple and clean, this look features a think black French tip with a sheer base. It’s the most delicate option on this list.

Thick French

25 Black French Tip Nail Ideas to Try

If you want a french tip with more weight, you can make the tip thicker. “To achieve the look, I used Aprés Nail’s Soft Gel Builder in a Bottle to get a natural, clean base and then used the Aprés Nail’s French Manicure Gel in shade French Black for the design,” says nail artist Sonia Sanchez.

Asymmetric Tips

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“These French tips are more asymmetrical to flow in nicely with the rest of the design,” says Sanchez. “It’s the perfect look that screams elegance and pairs nicely with dainty jewelry! To get the look, I again applied the Soft Gel Builder in a Bottle and completed the look with Aprés Nail’s French Manicure Gel in French White and French Black!”

Abstract Tips

25 Black French Tip Nail Ideas to Try

These black tips have a pop of red on one side to add some dimension. The look is taken a step further with the addition of pink abstract blobs.

Blinged Out

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Make black French tips super dramatic by putting them on duck-shaped nails. The super-wide shape of the tip provides lots of room for some serious bling.

Short & Square

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If you want to add another layer of edge to a French manicure, you can do it on a square-shaped nail. The sharp edges of the tip contrast the delicate shape of the art.

Overlapping Tips

25 Black French Tip Nail Ideas to Try

Overlapping shapes are a fun way to add interest to a French tip. In this look, black and white are used to create this two-toned look.

Moondust Tips

25 Black French Tip Nail Ideas to Try

Add some glitz to a black tip by using an iridescent polish. This one reflects light in a way that picks up tones of blue, green, and red.