Top 10 Acrylic Nail Designs for Women’s

The wonderful world of acrylic nails is home to so many fun and innovative designs. Although they’re frequently associated with extra-long looks, acrylics actually let you experiment with different lengths and interesting styles, whether you want a short, square French manicure or a set of lengthy, neon-pink, stiletto-shaped nails.

You’ll want to make sure you love the nail art design you choose because these manicures are long-lasting. Acrylics tend to be stronger than gel nails, nail artist Brittney Boyce previously told Allure. They’re created by mixing a powder (polymer) — usually clear, but the powders come in a range of colors — and a liquid (monomer) into a dough-like consistency that, when it hardens, can be filed and molded. From there, a talented nail artist can create whatever your imagination conjures.

Jet black

Black stiletto acrylic nails

Black nails were a hit on the fall/winter 2023 runways and continue to be a classic manicure option, even in the summer. This mani created by Morgan Taylor lead nail artist Danielle Candido, proves that when glossy black nail polish is painted on long,

Barbie pink

pink acrylic nails

Everyone has Barbie on the brain, including NYC-based nail artist Miss Pop, who created this pretty-in-pink, almond-shaped mani. The dark pink half-moon at the base of the nail gives this set a cool Art Deco vibe.

See-through claws

This clear acrylic nail set is made better with pretty florals all over. Manicurist Wendy a.k.a. Wownailsiom on...

This clear acrylic nail set is made better with pretty florals all over. Manicurist Wendy (a.k.a., Wownailsiom on Instagram) calls these “encapsulated nails” because they look like real flowers encased in clear glass.

Bedazzled shorties

nude acrylic nails with nail gems

Whoever said short nails are boring hasn’t seen this manicure by Pennsylvania-based artist Jayda Delaware of The Nail Fiend. Short acrylic nails can still make a statement — just add a few nail rhinestones and gold foil and voilà, a mani fit for royalty.

Gold rim

white acrylic coffin nails

White nails always make a statement. Manchester, UK-based nail artist Becky Armstrong elevated this simple look with thin lines of gold foil around the perimeter of each nail. This luxe reverse French manicure is a 10 out of 10 in our book.

Almond swirl

These twists and turns are dizzying. San Diegobased nail artist Dani Rodriguez painted chrome purple and white swirls on...

These twists and turns are dizzying. San Diego-based nail artist Dani Rodriguez painted chrome purple and white swirls on a glossy nude base to create this trendy look.

Electric French mani

Orange and Yellow Acrylic Nails

Ignite your inner cool girl with this orange and yellow French manicure. Pennsylvania-based artist Symfani nailed the contrast between orange and yellow in this eye-catching mani. If you look closely, you’ll also see the silver nail gems.

Vacation florals

orange and pink French nails with flowers

If you can’t make it to the tropics this year, bring the island vibes to your nails with this colorful floral French manicure. We love the way Texas-based nail artist Kaitlyn of Nailsxkaiit mixed two classic designs and incorporated bright colors.

On the farm

blue cow print on clear acrylic manicure with only four fingers showing

Cow print has been a super popular nail trend for a while now, but Georgia-based nail artist Sydney Martin demonstrates a new way to incorporate the design. Ditch the usual white and black for a clear base with baby-blue splotches,

Sharp angles

short nude acrylic set with colorful angled lines

You may be used to seeing dramatically long acrylic nails, but they don’t always have to be lengthy. Just look at this manicure from Brooklyn-based nail artist Meisty Gawdess. The length is perfect for those who are intimidated by longer styles