The new fashion trends

Cool temperatures still prevail outside, but spring has already arrived in fashion stores. We show you which trendy fashion parts you should grab now and with which styling you in the warm season to the very hot number.

Scarf print

It will be very colorful in the spring and summer of 2019 with strong colors and unusual patterns. One of the hippest and most beautiful designs is the Scarf Print. The extravagant and classy looks look like she’s dressed in Hermes or Versace cloths head to toe. Trend-conscious fashionistas wear the eye-catching pattern in a complete look with top, skirt, dress or pants. Restrained ladies put only one item in the scarf print.

Styling tip: Monochrome accessories (also in a bright color) make sure that the eye-catching eye-catching parts are even more attention.

The new fashion trends

Snake Print

You will definitely be noticed in the trendy snake prints. The new animal trend look has already been announced with last year’s revival of Leo prints, now it is complemented with the snake pattern in a variety of shades.

Styling tips: Fashionable big city cats mix the different animal prints. If you prefer a more discreet, combine a snake part with monochrome, matching parts.

The new fashion trends

On patrol

If these designs are too colorful, but still do not want to give up a patterned part, a wow piece can grab with stripes. The selection in 2019 is huge in terms of colors and stripe width.

Styling tips: Longitudinal stripes make slim, making this trend pattern in the narrow version particularly suitable for women with sweeping curves. If you like to mix patterns like many streetstyle stars (eg a striped top with a floral jupe) make sure that at least one color is used in all styling parts.

The new fashion trends

Flowing clothes

This new trend promises a great deal of summer feeling, femininity and comfort. Wide maxi dresses and jupes (also in wrap and midi style), which wonderfully play around the figure, are celebrating a comeback. The flowing clothes look especially nice in combination with the transparency trend.

Styling tip: Dainty ladies choose a dress made of flowing fabric, which has a narrower silhouette. So they work bigger. Wickelkleider, for example, are ideal for every woman.

The new fashion trends