The most beautiful short hairstyles

Have you ever wondered if you would have short hair? A mathematical formula gives you the answer. If this should be “yes”, we have put together for you valuable tips and the most beautiful short hairstyles . The selection was seldom so varied.

The shorthair formula

Should I cut my hair? Am I really ready for a short hairstyle? Giles Robinson, Senior Stylist at John Frieda, now provides the answer with a simple formula he has developed following studies of more than 1,000 women’s hairstyles or faces. For the small calculation game you only need a small ruler and a pen. Hold the latter horizontally under your chin and the ruler vertically under your ear. Now it is time to measure the distance from the intersection of the ruler and the pen to the ear. If the distance is less than 5.7 cm, you are predestined for a short hairstyle. If it is more than 5 inches (5.7 cm), you should better think it over again.

To make the decision easier, you can also include the following criteria in the considerations:

The most beautiful short hairstyles

face shape

Round faces can be visually stretched perfectly with longer hair. If you still want to leave hair, a cut with long strands in front is ideal for you. The pages should stay narrow as this stretches. With a triangular face shape, it is important to prefer a hairstyle with a lot of volume in the neck and to avoid a lot of hair on the head. A square face has soft and not too distinctive cuts. Structured hairstyles make the features appear very hard on this face shape. Free selections have oval faces, because they are practically all hairstyle models.

The most beautiful short hairstyles

skull shape

When choosing a short hairstyle, the shape of the skull should also be considered, especially if the hair is cut very short (whereby everyone has to answer the question of how brave he wants to be).

The most beautiful short hairstyles

Thin, thick or curly hair

Short hairstyles are no problem for thin hair when the hairdresser works on the cut to a higher density and works with volume foam at home. For thin hair, a short neckline, undercut-style side panels and longer, graduated top hair look very stylish.

For thick hair, the hair is thinned and not cut too short to avoid the “helmet effect”. A distinctive pony and different lengths on the top of the head can look very stylish.

Wavy and curly hair looks very sophisticated with a short wet look.

Too masculine and unsexy?

Short hairstyles do not have to be androgynous and unsexy. On the contrary: A good, soft short haircut, which emphasizes fine facial features, beautiful eyes or a delicate neck emphasizes, can even be extremely feminine and sexy. Another crucial factor is the way you style your hair.

The most beautiful short hairstyles

Uncomplicated and easy to care for?

You want a short haircut, because you think that the morning hair styling then takes less time? Caution: Short hair sometimes requires more effort than you think, even if it looks very straightforward. Your hairdresser will be able to advise you here. With short hair, you will often have to visit him in the future – say every four to eight weeks. Short manes should also be washed more often, since usually more styling products are used than for long hair. Residues of sprays, gels etc. may affect the scalp’s breathability.

Styling products include gels and sprays for shiny styles, as well as serums or wax for defining individual strands. More volume can be achieved with thin hair with dry powder. As brushes, you should only use those with soft natural bristles, otherwise the pressure on the scalp becomes too strong.

The most beautiful short hairstyles

The most beautiful shortcut trend styles

If you opt for a short haircut, you will find below some wonderful short hairstyle inspirations for Featured are the sophisticated Sleek look (with matte wax perfect for fine hair), a natural curls, asymmetrical cuts with a long bob in front and short behind, Prinz Ironheart look (with bangs or center parting) and the French Cut. In the latter case, the pony is cut so that it looks like it has already outgrown (odd and longer). The rest of the hair may seem a bit wild, because the undone look makes this trend look 2019 only perfect. The pixie cut (especially in blond or two toned) and bobsleigh hairstyles in all variations are still in demand this year.

So let yourself be inspired by the trend hairstyles of 2019 and visit with your favorite look the hairdresser of your confidence. Have fun!

The most beautiful short hairstyles