the afternoon with his friend in a bar.

This is the story of a guy who spent the afternoon with his friend in a bar. It’s getting late. The friend still wants to pay his tour but the guy said to his friend:

  • Oh no! It’s late! My wife is going to bawl me by entering the house!
  • Me, I have something, replied his friend, I enter the house without making noise. Then, in the bedroom, under the covers, I make love to her.
  • Huh? You’re sure ?

After his friend reassured him, the guy goes home. He enters the house, the bedroom, then slips under the covers. This is madness. The woman, both legs in the air, they make love like wild. The antics finished, the man, pleased with his shot, gets up to go to the bathroom. He opens the door and comes face to face with his wife, she whispered to him:

  • Make no noise my mother is sleeping in our bed.