Retro-style jeans with wide legs make your look perfect

Her wide leg and classic waist emphasize the feminine silhouette. In retro jeans, just every woman feels comfortable – and they are the summer trend this year.

Finding the perfect jeans is not that easy. Especially the skinny jeans of the past years are not suitable for each of us. If the legs are a bit stronger, they look rather unfavorable and the feel-good factor is just right there.

But this summer lures a classic even the last jeans muffle again behind the stove. If you are looking for retro jeans, you will find them almost everywhere: jeans with a wide leg, but with a comparatively high waist. They emphasize the body shapes, but in a good way!

With wide leg jeans, you can playfully cheat a few inches by wearing them for a long time and in combination with high heels. The shoes then disappear partly under the pants. This conjures up endless legs and looks super sexy.

That’s what retro jeans are all about

In this denim form, the fabric sits on the thigh comparatively loose and below the knee, the cut is then always on. Those who are afraid of having too much “Woodstook” feeling, resort to a model with only a slight “blow”, a so-called “boot cut” -Jeans.

It is important that retro jeans have no torn spots or embroidery. They are simple and simple – and that’s why they’re so good. The fabric should contain a bit of elastane in addition to a high cotton content. Ideally, the ratio is 98 percent cotton and two percent spandex. So the jeans sits perfectly and is also super comfortable.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to color: retro jeans are available in different washings. In the summer of course bright variants are great. Classic mid blue is always and fits well into the office. For the after-work party, however, a darker wash is perfect.

This is how you combine retro jeans

Wide leg jeans can be combined extremely flexibly. Another plus! Even a simple white T-shirt looks great. With a light blazer, the look is suitable for the office. But you can also wear a blouse, which is loosely put in the waistband or a short sweatshirt.

When it comes to footwear, the more the jeans are on display, the more important it is to wear high-heeled shoes. Especially smaller women are usually a bit stocky. In summer, for example, high clogs or sandals are suitable, in cooler temperatures ankle boots.

Who can wear retro jeans?

Anyway, that’s the great thing about retro Jens. Whether tall or short, slender or curvy – the retro jeans conjure up a great silhouette for every figure.