New “People’s Smartphone” from Huawei costs 430$

The high-end models of the P30 series are already available, the end of April brings the Chinese IT giant Huawei now the more affordable lite model to Austria. With a triple camera and almost borderless display, it offers features that are also offered in the more expensive sister models – at least at first glance.

In fact, the P30 Lite for 380 euros, which comes to Austria in late April in the colors blue, black and white, of course, not the same features as the double to three times expensive sister models P30 and P30 Pro.

New 'People's Smartphone' from Huawei costs 430$

The P30 Lite’s triple-resolution 48-megapixel camera resolves the main lens while providing 120-degree wide-angle and zoom secondary cameras. However, they are equipped with eight and meager two-megapixel resolution worse than in the top models. Moreover, the Lite model offers only twice the zoom on the low-resolution zoom camera.

New 'People's Smartphone' from Huawei costs 430$

CPU slower, memory lush

The P30 Lite is also weaker in terms of processor, relies on the in-house Kirin 710 Huawei chip subsidiary HiSilicon. The screen resolution of 2312 by 1080 corresponds to a pixel density of 415 dpi, the storage equipment amounts to four gigabytes of RAM, 128 gigabytes of flash memory and a microSD expansion slot. The battery is 3340 mAh.

New 'People's Smartphone' from Huawei costs 430$

Conspicuous: Played earlier Lite variants from Huawei’s upper-class range still below the 430 dpllers mark, it sets the price now with 370 euros comparatively high. The overall rising prices on the smartphone market seep after the upper class so slowly into the middle class down.