More than 300,000 old VW diesel exchanged

The carmaker apparently did not expect that himself. The discounts on the replacement of older diesel have exceeded the Group’s expectations. Customers do not always opt for new cars.

For Volkswagen, the exchange discounts for the exchange of older diesel exceeded their own expectations. Since August 2017, more than 300,000 older diesels of the Euro 1 to Euro 5 diesel have been exchanged across the Group, Volkswagen says.

The exchange premiums for new cars ran out as planned end of April, the premiums for used cars of VW and Audi would be extended “until further notice,” says Group Sales Manager Christian Dahlheim. “Our customers are increasingly choosing used cars.” At the end of January, Volkswagen extended the rebate discounts to all of Germany – but only until the end of April.

Up to 9,000 euros exchange premium

Until then, the so-called exchange premium was reserved for customers in particularly polluted cities. In the trade-in of a diesel vehicle with Euro 4 or Euro 5 emissions standard, VW will pay between € 500 and € 7,000 for new cars in addition to the residual value. At Audi are up to 9,000 euros in it. When you buy a year-old car, the premiums are lower.

In addition, the rebate for scrapping a diesel with the emission standard Euro 1 to Euro 4 and switching to a used VW car is still valid.