Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: Chic without compromise

Often in the automotive industry: either beautiful or practical. The new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake can do both. Thanks to its sexy roofline, it is currently one of the most beautiful compact estate cars, but does not demand any restrictions from its occupants. And the appearance in the interior would not be out of place two classes higher.

A Shooting Brake is actually known as a two-door station wagon. Mercedes has – starting with the CLS – made something different: a kind of four-door station wagon coupe. It was followed by the first CLA Shooting Brake in 2015, then Kia felt “inspired” and made the Ceed the Korean CLA Shooting Brake version. And now Stuttgart brings the second generation of the original. And that’s even better than its predecessor.

The new has grown in all dimensions except height. At 4.69 meters, he is five centimeters long, he has gained six centimeters in width and now measures 1.83 meters, the wheelbase was stretched to 2.73 meters. The five to six centimeters wider gauge promises at the same time sportier and more comfortable driving characteristics. This is also ensured by the multi-link rear axle. A large stabilizer should minimize side roll.

One might think that with the flat roofline, it could be for tall fellow travelers in the back seat tightly around the main hair, but far from it: Here you do not even feel uncomfortable with over 1.90 meters height. Headroom, legroom, elbowroom, everything fits. Especially the occupants, front and rear, the grown body benefits.

The trunk holds only marginally more luggage, but is easier to load, because between the rear lights now 87 centimeters of space. Before, the hatch was poor at 63.5 cm. It goes without saying that the tailgate can be opened without contact.

Light as luxury

The interior design matches that of the CLA CoupĂ© and makes a very high-quality impression. Of course, Daimler’s new operating system MBUX is on board, which shines with high computing power and cloud intelligence. Recently, it also recognizes whether it is being operated by the driver or the passenger, and thus knows, for example, on which side the seat massage function is to be activated.

And he can also shine, the CLA Shooting Brake, and how! The ambient lighting offers 64 colors, ten color worlds and different effects in three brightness zones. The turbine-like ventilation nozzles are also included.

In addition, the lighting moods can be part of the “Energizing comfort control”, which pampers the driver with a fitting “wellness set-up” with light, music, seat heating / ventilation / massage and air conditioning. If he or she wears a compatible smartwatch, the driver’s condition is taken into account in the recommendation based on his or her stress level, heart rate or last night’s sleep quality.

Assistance systems from the S-Class

Thanks to improved camera and radar systems, the CLA can look ahead up to 500 meters and drive semi-automatically in certain situations. By means of map and navigation data, he can automatically adjust the tempo, for example, around the roundabouts, even driving and even actively changing lanes.

Top engine will be the market launch in September of the two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 225 hp and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. But there will also be more engines on offer.

The CLA Coupé is already from May at the dealer, base engine is a 136-horsepower gasoline engine for the price of 33,790 euros. The surcharge for the Shooting Brake is expected to be several hundred euros.