Here are four new camper highlights

Camping muffles feel like home here. These new motorhome highlights, however, have one common drawback: They will not start until 2020. Outlook for the new season.

Modern furniture, bright colours, sophisticated floor plans: even the current motorhomes and caravans convince more and more holidaymakers from the holidays in the rolling home. New models should continue the boom. They will be presented at the end of August at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf (31. 8. to 8. 9. 2019). The manufacturer Hymer is already in the mood for its novelties.

Hymer Tramp

Here are four new camper highlights

The newly launched Hymer Tramp is a semi-integrated motorhome. At 7.40 meters, it has a stately length. It also offers more than two meters of headroom in the entire living area.

The variant S 695 has a trendy so-called face-to-face facility: in the middle there are two longitudinally arranged benches, the lift table in between can be lowered and its surface folded. This improves the passage between the rear and the cab. After a short conversion, the benches become two seats with straps. Then four campers are allowed to travel in the Mobil.

However: The tramp is only a double bed installed. If you require more sleeping space, you must order the optional fold-down bed, which can be lowered above the seating area.

Between the bedroom and the living area comes a bathroom with separate shower, sink and cassette toilet below. A solid sliding door separates the bathroom and bed. The onboard kitchen is divided into two parts: The kitchen unit with sink, pull-outs and gas cooker is on the driver’s side, the 152-litre refrigerator on the passenger side. Ambient lighting brightens the living space in the dark, instead of using gas in the tramp, diesel fuel is used. The basic version costs 63,990 euros.

Hymer B-Class MC

The Hymer B-Class MC starts as a new special edition White Line. Two types of construction are available: The White Line is available in an integrated or semi-integrated design. The basis weight is 3.5 tons. This means: If you also order the optional fold-down bed here and start four on vacation, you should choose the option of an increase to 4.5 tons.

There are many more extras available. Here are some useful options:

  • 177 hp instead of 143 hp under the hood
  • Alloy wheels
  • larger fridge
  • Entrance door with fly protection

Hymer Exsis

Here are four new camper highlights

The refreshed Exsis is the third new Hymer motorhome. He is also to have as an integrated or semi-integrated mobile. The camper is just under seven meters long and 2.22 meters wide. It offers two to four sleeps and as many seats. The price is not known yet. He should be under 60,000 euros for the base model 580, however.

Eriba Nova

Here are four new camper highlights

The boom of the motorhomes puts the caravan a bit offside. But also with the caravans there is something new.

In the future, nine floor plans will be part of the Nova series from Eriba. Even the cheaper trend equipment certainly meets high standards. The high-quality ambience version makes the Nova almost a luxury caravan. The train car should have plenty of power, because none of the variants weighs less than 1,400 kilograms. The prices of the new Eriba models are not yet known.