Five reasons why Kurztrips 2019 are in vogue

The Austrians are frequent travelers and particularly value wellness, enjoyment, culture and action. It does not necessarily have to be Italy, Greece or Thailand. Because: Increasingly, short breaks are booked in domestic climes to escape the daily grind of a (long) weekend – in the summer of 2018 alone over 3.5 million Austrians have spent their holidays. This trend is also visible in the Stegersbach region in southern Burgenland, one of the most modern wellness destinations in Europe. City4U has the information:

A total of 300 days of sunshine per year, a diverse range of spa services and lush golfing green as far as the eye can see – you can get on the plane and fly around half the globe, or pack a small travel bag and within an hour by car or bus in the golf and spa region Stegersbach travel. And although the Austrians love both, it’s mainly short breaks that are booked by almost every second Austrian and more and more often. Richard Senninger, chairman of the tourism region Stegersbach, explains: “The saying, ‘Why dive into the distance’ seems to become more and more important. Because: The holiday offer in Austria is varied and who travels over the weekend, saving holidays, long airport waiting or the annoying jet lag.

  • Less travel time, more vacation

If you book a short trip, you want to have as much of your vacation as possible within a few days. Clear that then as little time for the arrival and departure may go on it. The golf and spa region Stegersbach in sunny southern Burgenland is popular with holidaymakers from home and abroad. Because, as the travel expert explains : “Stegersbach is easily accessible – for both East Austrians and South Austrians and for guests from our neighboring countries in the East.”

Five reasons why Kurztrips 2019 are in vogue
  • Wellness and Ayurveda at a high level

Almost nowhere else in the world is there such a high level as in Austria. It countsthe golf and spa region of Stegersbach is one of the most modern wellness destinations in Europe and is home to four top spa hotels in the four- and five-star categories: the Hotel Larimar, the Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach, the Allegria Resort Stegersbach by Reiters and the Thermenhotel puchasPLUS Stegersbach. “Those who travel over a weekend often have the desire to relax and recharge their batteries. And where is it easier to recover and regenerate than in spacious bathing, sauna and relaxation worlds? “Says Richard Senninger. Even fans of the traditional South Asian healing art Ayurveda get their money’s worth with a short trip to Southern Burgenland. Because just as in India or Sri Lanka are in the wellness and health hotel Larimar an Indian Vaidya, so an Ayurveda doctor, and his team of Ayurveda therapists,

  • Regionality is also very popular when traveling

In the food industry, the trend towards more regionality has long since taken hold, because many Austrians associate the regional origin with higher quality and more sustainability. Even when traveling, the desire to support companies from their own homeland is becoming more and more important. “Many guests who come to Stegersbach buy deliberately and specifically from farms in the region. Popular here are the fruit juices and the Uhudler from the house Trummer or the handmade pasta assortment from the pasta production bishop, to name just two examples, “says Senninger.

  • Wine-travel destination Austria
Five reasons why Kurztrips 2019 are in vogue

For many, wine is not just a stimulant, but a true passion. And so lovers of fine wines like to choose their destination according to the reputation of the local winemakers. The South Burgenland Wine Route speaks for itself, as it is home to excellent grape varieties such as Welschriesling, Pinot Blanc or Blaufränkisch. “Many guests come over a weekend in the golf and spa region Stegersbach, to enjoy wine tastings and subsequent wellness treatments,” says the chairman of the tourism region.

  • The Great Outdoors – in the middle of Austria

Hiking has become an absolute megatrend in recent years. From the schoolchild to the best agitator and from the sport muffle to the mountain fen, everyone is now putting on their hiking boots. It is clear that you do not leave a country like Austria with its variety of landscapes and like to explore native areas. With a 200-kilometer route network, the Stegersbach movement arena convinces numerous guests who come primarily to march over hill and dale.