Embroidery Trend For Women

Personally, I think this is one of the hottest fashion trends. Why? It underlines your style by making you look creative, individual and original. I think everything is hidden in details. By the way, a lot of pieces are handmade, meaning a lot of work goes into creating lush and expensive garments or accessories. It’s no wonder why so many embroidered pieces come with such expensive price tags. If you do want to see what embroidered pieces are on trend this 2018, then you are more than welcome to look through this compilation. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

The floral embroidered design is one of the most popular embroideries known in the world of fashion. This beauty can be found everywhere, starting from purses to tops and dresses. This addition creates a feminine vibe that makes you look romantic, sweet and girlish. Go for beautiful blooming skirts styled with solid color tops, or choose knit floral embroidered tunics. If you want to underline your creativity, then I recommend choosing boho accents. This is the easiest embroidery that can make you look different and unique. Choose creative designs in maxi lengths and lightweight fabrics. I am so in love with those fabrics that look and feel organic and natural. If you do not want to make a loud statement in the streets, then you better go for subtle details. The minimal embroidery details will underline your elegance and make you look and feel very special. Believe me, the subtle detailing will take the simple garment to a new level. If you are a bold chic who wants to shine like a star, then why don’t you go for statement embroideries. Try on those glamour embroidered blazers worn atop your favorite dresses, or keep it loud and sophisticated by wearing maxi jacquard embroidered gowns. I think the most seductive, sexy and sultry look is the sheer fabric garments completed with embroidered details. Believe me, this is the best way to make an embroidered garment stand-out from the crowd. The mesh and sheer fabrics with creative lace or crochet details gonna make you look very individual and special. How about wearing denim embroidered with creative pictures or colorful details. This is an awesome way to customize your favorite garments.