A small neighborhood grocer sees a small Chinese restaurant

A small neighborhood grocer sees a small Chinese restaurant open next to his shop.

One day the little Chinese comes to see the grocer.

  • Hello sir, I would like 5 boxes of Whiskas.
  • No no, no question, I know you will serve that to your customers.
  • No Sir, I have three cats.
  • Ok, bring me your cats and we’ll see.
    The little Chinese shows his cats at the grocer’s and leaves with his boxes of whiskas.

Quelques jours plus tard, le petit chinois revient.

  • Bonjour Monsieur, je voudrais 3 boites de Canigou
  • Hors de question, ce coup ci tu ne me feras pas le coup, tu vas servir ça à tes clients.
  • Non Monsieur, j’ai trois Labrador.
  • Amènes les et on verra.
    Le petit chinois montre ses chiens et repart avec ses boites de Canigou.

A few days later, the Chinese boy enters the grocery store with a package in his hand.
He puts it on the counter, opens it and lets something appear that could vaguely think of meatballs.
The grocer thinks that finally he is very nice this little Chinese since he brings him one of his specialties to make him taste.
The grocer soaks his finger in the contents of the package, tastes.

  • But … it’s shit!
  • Yes, I would like three rolls of toilet paper, please.