A man goes over to his best mate’s house

A man goes over to his best mate’s house who recently got married for dinner. At the end of the dinner, the man and his best mate sat out on the patio

talking before the man went to leave and go home. At a bit before 12am the man said good bye and got into his car to leave, however the car doesn’t start

and since it was so late the man had no choice but to stay the night since he lived too far away for his mate to drive him home.

Nonetheless, neither the man’s best mate nor his wife had a problem with his staying the night, the only thing was that the couple was so broke that they

only had one room and they didn’t even have a sofa, so the man was forced to sleep in the same bed with his mate and his mate’s wife.

In the middle of the night, the man’s mate’s wife whispers to him, “climb over, let’s have some fun”. The man responds, “oh no, i couldn’t do that, he’s my

best mate, what if he wakes up?”.

The wife replies, “don’t worry about him, he’s so deep into sleep he won’t even realise, you could pull a hair out of his ass and he wouldn’t wake up”. So the

man pulls a hair out of his mate’s ass and sure enough he remains in deep sleep. Accepting the fact that his mate won’t wake up, he climbs over and has se*

with his mate’s wife.

He later rolls over and after a half hour or so, his mate’s wife tells him to climb over again. Once again, the man pulls on one of his mate’s ass hairs to check

if he is in deep sleep. This occurs again several times throughout the night.

On the ninth time, when the man pulls on the ass hair of his mate, he wakes up and says to him, “look, I don’t mind you having se* with my wife, but can

you not use my ass as a scoreboard?”