A couple is having a nice dinner at a local restaurant – funny jokes

A couple is having a nice dinner at a local restaurant, having a good time telling blonde jokes. Suddenly a blonde

approached them and slapped her hand down on the table. She angrily tells them that she can take a blonde joke as

well as the next person, but it isn’t nice to keep bashing them in public.

The couple apologize and changes the topic. A few minutes later the woman needs to go to the restroom, so she goes

off, and she is followed by the blonde.

After 10 minutes the blonde comes out frusturated, and storms out the front door. The woman calmly comes out and

sits down at her table.

The man asks what happened in there. The woman replies, “Well, as I was washing my hands, the blonde came in and

pulled a razor on me!”

The man replies, “Oh my god, what happened?” The woman bursts out laughing, “Well, nothing,

luckily she didn’t find a place to plug it in!”