Day: May 17, 2019

A cowboy the size of a colossus

A cowboy the size of a colossus, two rows of revolvers around his waist, enters a saloon. He approaches the bartender and asks, “A boy whiskey” He sends himself the glass-dry and spring at heavy steps in the clatter of his stirrups when suddenly we hear him exclaim: “Amazing !! […]

A young man turns to the side

After a beautiful night of love, a young man turns to the side and sees the picture of another man on the nightstand. Of course he is a little worried. He is your husband ? he asks his pretty companion. No, you idiot! She answers, snuggling against him. His eyes […]

In an airplane on fire

In an airplane on fire, there is an intellectual, a grandfather and his grandson and the pilot … and only three parachutes. The pilot takes one and jumps. The intellectual too, saying: I am the most intelligent being on the planet, I have to save my life because the world […]