Why you should have your skin checked right now!

Why you should have your skin checked right now!

Do you always get creamy when you are in the sun and feel so safe from skin cancer? Why you – right now – still should make a check to the doctor

Why you should have your skin checked right now!

We know that we should apply our cream and that we should reduce our bath in the sun to a certain amount of time depending on the skin type. And so we believe that we are doing everything in our power to protect ourselves from the dangerous skin cancer. The treacherous: The damage that causes skin cancer, we did not feed our skin yesterday or the day before yesterday, but before 20, 30 or 40 years.

Skin cancer often takes years to erupt

In the 70s and 80s, tan still considered chic and was (at least in Germany) signs of prosperity and health. For hours we have sunbathed in the sun, without first lathering ourselves carefully so that we became as brown as possible.

Researchers assume that the number of skin cancers will increase significantly in the coming years. Especially in the next 30 years, doctors expect the increase. A distinction is made between white and black skin cancer (malignant melanoma), which in most cases diffuses, as well as rarer other species.

“I never get sunburn anyway!”

One thing is clear: whoever gets sunburn will naturally protect himself from the sun. But there are also people who claim to never burn themselves in the sun and see it as a free pass for hours of sunbathing. It may well be that you belong to this category human, but then you should still not be exposed to the sun unprotected.

Cream is not enough!

You feel safe in the sun, because you always cream yourself? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, because it can also cause damage. Stay in the shade on hot summer days, wear a hat and protect your skin with long-sleeved lightweight clothing.

Do you have children? Then pay particular attention to the right protection, because children’s skin is even more sensitive than the skin of adults.

Incidentally, skin cancer does not always come from a dark mole. Even bright spots that change (for example rough, itchy or torn) should be examined closely.

The good news: If skin cancer is detected early, chances are good that it can be cured after treatment. According to the Association of Dermatologists, there are currently about 300,000 new diagnoses of skin cancer every year. 70 percent of all cases are detected early. So do not displace the signals of your skin and let yourself be checked!