Why Go Pokémon would be even better on the Apple Watch

The hype surrounding Pokémon Go does not stop, on the contrary: On the streets you can see more and more people who stare at her cell phone and seem to seek anything. For over a week, users can now catch Pokémon via smartphone. The search for the small fantasy creatures inspired thousands of users – and could do with the Apple Watch even more fun.

Pokémon Go is a real phenomenon. In the past, you could already see in many apps similar success start, which, however, slowed usually after a few days. Pokémon Go is now available for more than one week for free for download and has already scored more daily users than Tinder is on Twitter controversial topic and has Nintendo’s share prices higher.

The Pokémon Go app is not so special in itself. Would Nintendo and Pokémon not stand behind it, the app would probably be interested in anyone, and certainly not be in the Topcharts the App Store. But thanks Pikachu and Co. press most users at a rather carelessly designed playing surface and repetitive game action a blind eye while they roam the neighborhood in order to collect as many creatures can just as possible.

A Pokémon-Go players can be seen from a distance as well as delivering. The typical stare on the smartphone, which can be observed even at most fellow anyway, with the players is even more intense. Pokémon Go was the first app out the Augmented Reality to the mainstream, which is both a very interesting development. On the other hand, this has also been taken care of a lot of trouble: Several accidents go to the account of the app, because the user is not properly focused on the road . Besides the fact that the users eventually no longer all the time want to carry their smartphone (not to mention the low battery life completely), the app would Apple Watch not only safer, but could bring the game to a whole new level.

less distraction

There are no Pokémon Go app for the Apple Watch, only the app for iOS and Android. Smartphones now offer easy with the best user experience, which is partly due to the cameras and built-in sensors.

An app for the Apple Watch, however, could be the iOS experience significantly improved by the player, for example, be notified as soon as a Pokémon is near or you can collect Poké Balls. Indeed, there is already an interactive bracelet, which flashes for around 35 dollars and vibrate when you are in the vicinity of Pokémon.

Thus, one does not have rigid all the time on the smartphone. An interactive SmartWatch app would still be better. In addition it could be used also the battery of its iPhones conserve and at the same time concentrate on other things – until you can just catch the next Pokémon.

The next step towards Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch

Pokémon go apple watch
the game should actually prove to be long-running, it would even be conceivable that Apple and Nintendo cooperate and develop a Special Edition a Pokémon Go Apple Watch – perhaps as a sports model with red-white bracelet and a Pikachu-dial? Of course, this is very far ahead when you consider that you also need an iPhone for using an Apple Watch. The potential exists but all.

Once more smartwatches better GPS chips have installed, there is at least no reason the game should not be happening in the smart watch. If you want to completely dispense with the use of smartphones, however, would have even better cameras will be installed in the Smart Watch.

Whether the trend in Pokémon Go continues to grow or whether this is a widespread nostalgia wave that attenuates again soon remains to be seen. But one thing is indisputable: The game brings the people to move out. And this could be yet perfect in the fitness activity app of Apple Watch integrate.