Water, wilderness and world heritage: these are the Plitvice Lakes

There are many paradises in this world. One of them is right in the heart of Europe . The Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia enchants visitors and leaves them speechless.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is certainly one of the must-see places for nature lovers. The nice thing is that you are there in just two flying hours – at the end of the world, and it’s in the middle of Croatia .

It does not always have to be the enchanted forests of New Zealand or the wild Amazon . The Plitvice Lakes in Croatia can always compete with these places. Several years ago, the National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Alone 90 waterfalls fall there in the depth, 50 kilometers of trails meander through the wilderness and numerous caves want to be explored.

The entrance fees vary
The nearest airports are Zadar, Zagreb and Rijeka. The best way to rent a car for the journey, but also by bus, the national park can be easily reached. With around one million visitors a year, it is no longer really possible to speak of idyll. If you are planning a tour, you should start as early as possible from entrance 2: shorter visitor lines, less stress, more idyll!

Arrived in the park, but the masses go fast. Of course, the observation decks on Kozjak Lake and the large Veliki Slap Waterfall are the first port of call for most – so it can be a bit tight. But on the countless, well-marked trails you can avoid other visitors if necessary.

The entrance fees vary depending on the season. In the winter months, adults pay 55 kuna (about 7.50 euros), in spring and autumn it is 150 kuna (about 20 euros). A bit more expensive in the high season (July to September): 250 kuna (about 34 euros). Children up to seven years pay nothing. Anyone who has ever seen the national park will not soon forget the sight – no matter if it’s the main season or the low season.