Trump’s statement at Apple prices unsettles chip investors

Apple recently re-informed that US tariffs on Chinese products could also lead to price increases for devices such as the Apple Watch, the AirPods earphones, the MacMini computer, and various accessories. Photo.

The trade conflict between the US and China is likely to hit various Apple devices such as the Watch Computer Watch or AirPod’s earphones. The stock of suppliers and Apple does not do that well.

Frankfurt / Main (AP) – Following a tweet by US President Donald Trump on the potential impact of the trade dispute with China on prices of Apple products, European semiconductor stock prices have come under pressure.

They followed the guidelines from Asia , where above all the papers had been sold by Apple suppliers. Trump had tweeted on Saturday that the prices of Apple products could rise because of the massive tariffs imposed on China . However, there is “a simple solution with zero percent fees and even tax incentives,” it said in the tweet. “Make your products in the United States instead of China, ” said Trump of Apple .

Stocks of Apple’s Dialog Semiconductor dropped 2.85 percent in the afternoon. Traders spoke of a gloomier mood for the industry. Aixtron’s paper lost about 2.2 percent. In contrast, the shares of Infineon and the wafer manufacturer Siltronic turned positive in the course of trading. Apple itself started on Monday with minus 1.7 percent in the trade.

The iPhone maker itself had informed on Saturday that US tariffs on Chinese products could also hit its devices such as the computer clock Apple Watch , the earphones AirPods, the computer MacMini and various accessories. Apple emphasized that every piece of equipment included parts or materials from US production. The tariffs are about the planned additional fee of 25 percent on Chinese- made products worth a total of $ 200 billion. From other US punitive tariffs, the Group sees so far not affected.

Even the most important Apple product, the iPhone , is mounted in the People’s Republic of China . It should not be met by the customs according to the current state. However , according to an analysis by Nikkei Asian Review, factories in the Chinese mainland are only in fourth place in the Apple value chain . The most valuable components come from Taiwan, followed by the USA and Japan. Manufacturers from the European Union rank fifth.