Tops & Flops Auto China 2016

We gathered at the Auto China 2016 again the Tops & Flops of editors, despite the strict gaze of security officers.

Auto China 2016: Many Chinese people, a lot of Chinese people!

In the exhibition halls prevail humid 35 degrees, no breeze, no air conditioning promises relief. This holds of course no bumper interested Chinese from getting stop by time at the fair. And apparently many Chinese interested in cars. Many many. Sun pushing on the stands and in the aisles of thousands of people, which the progress in the extensive grounds are very tough and love can sometimes come to a complete standstill.

Speaking of tough, apropos “complete halt”: This also applies to the Internet. At the fair itself, it is so slow that it almost the classification “not usable” earned outside the exhibition it works a little better, but still unacceptable for an online magazine lame. Moreover locks China , the instruments of the class enemy called Facebook, Twitter and Google in any case completely. But nothing prevents us from, anyway deep dive into the Chinese exhibition heart.

In this arduous march through the halls of our editors have again noticed many cars they liked and some that they liked less. Whether prolonged midsize cars and their availability in Germany, electric surfboards, Chinese SUV or golden armored vehicles: Stay in your hopefully pleasantly tempered environment – we will take you to this very special highlights of the auto show in Beijing.