Top 10 The best selling cars in the US

In the US, around 8.64 million cars were sold in the 1st half 2016th We show the 10 favorite cars of the Americans. At the top: big pickups and lots of Japanese.

Who is searching in the Top 50 in the US registrations for models German carmaker, is very quickly confronted with disillusionment. As a model it creates in these charts. And that’s just a model in Germany is spurned by the clientele – the VW Jetta , the Wolfsburg could on the US market sell 58 275 times in the first six months – despite exhaust scandal.

Top 10 US registrations: Only VW ‘s inside

The Ford F-Series
1st place: The Ford F-Series came in the US in 2015 to 780 354 new registrations.
The Chevrolet Silverado
Course 2: The Chevrolet Silverado arrived in the US in 2015 to 600 544 new registrations.
The Dodge Ram
3rd place: The Dodge Ram came to the US in 2015 to 451 116 new registrations.
The Toyota Camry
4th place: The Toyota Camry came in the US in 2015 to 429 355 new registrations.
The Toyota Corolla
Place 5: The Toyota Corolla came in the US in 2015 to 363 332 new registrations.
The Honda Accord
Place 6: The Honda Accord came in the US in 2015 to 355 557 new registrations.
The Honda CR-V
No. 7: The Honda CR-V came to the US in 2015 to 345 647 new registrations.
The Honda Civic
8th place: The Honda Civic came in the US in 2015 to 335 384 new registrations.
The Nissan Altima
Seat 9: The Nissan Altima came in the US in 2015 to 333 398 new registrations.
The Toyota RAV4
Place 10: The Toyota RAV4 was in the US in 2015 to 315 412 new registrations.

Ford F-Series drives all on the wall

However, the music playing on the US market elsewhere specifically for trucks. Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and Ram here are the players. The Ford is firmly rooted in the hearts of Americans and manages almost 400,000 sales in six months. The Chevy is nevertheless still at more than 270,000 and the Ram to over 230,000 units.

In the automotive world this side of trucks to enter the US market, the Japanese set the tone. Toyota Camry, Honda Civic , Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord and Nissan Altima hot here the limousine darlings of Americans. Even in the SUV are two Japanese front: Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V, only then followed by the Ford Escape, the Kuga runs as with us.

And with the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country are even two classic Vans in the Top 10th.