Top 10 Most popular cars in Russia 2016

Russians are buying differently. We have new registrations from Russia analyzed and extracted the best sellers of the first half 2016th

The Russian car market is on their feet. In H1 2016, went registrations continued to fall. With 672,140 first placed on the market car market remained 14.1% below the previous year.

Hyundai takes over the top

1st place: The Hyundai Solaris came in H1 2016 to 45 930 registrations.

The Hyundai Solaris

2nd place :The Lada Granta came in H1 2016 to 43 967 registrations..

The Lada Granta

3rd place: The Kia Rio came in H1 2016 to 39,454 new registrations.

The Kia Rio

4th place: The Renault Duster came in H1 2016 to 23,306 new registrations.

The Renault Duster

Place 5: The Lada Vesta came in H1 2016 to 22,894 new registrations.

The Lada Vesta

Place 6: The VW Polo came in H1 2016 to 21,359 new registrations.

The VW Polo

No. 7: The Toyota RAV4 came in H1 2016 to 16,167 new registrations.

The Toyota RAV4

8th place: The Lada Largus came in H1 2016 to 14,547 new registrations.

The Lada Largus

Seat 9: The Chevrolet Niva came in H1 2016 to 14,540 new registrations.

The Chevrolet Niva

Place 10: The Renault Logan came in the 1st half of 2016 13,830 new registrations.

The Renault Logan