Top 10 Most Beautiful Egyptian Women 2016

Gone are the days when Egyptian women were a mystery and used to hide their beauty due religious matters and other policies. During those eras, the women who dared to deny the rules of their country were abused and punished, as it was an alien concept for Egyptians to unveil the beauty of their women.
Well, the year 2011 proved to be fantastic for Egyptian women as they got permission to vote and some refined laws were introduced that allowed them to unveil their faces and ankles. Eventually, some of the most beautiful women were seen from Egypt. Covering their faces and precious beauty was not only bitter fact for them but also for the people from all around the globe. As a result, the following women represent the Egyptian beauty that was hidden for decades.

10. Arwa Gouda

Arwa Gouda



9. Elham Wagdi

Elham Wagdi

8. Hanan Turk


Hanan Turk


7. Yara Naoum

Yara Naoum



6. Nelly Karim


Nelly Karim

5. Mona Abou Hamze


Mona Abou Hamze


4. Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe



3. Anaya Hayes

Anaya Hayes

2. Meriam George

Meriam George



1. Tara Emad


Tara Emad1