Top 10 Freakiest Beauty Trends Ever across world

Have you ever wondered which industry is the weirdest? Unambiguously, it is the beauty and fashion industries. These industries are trendsetters for the generations. Everyday there is something new and outlandish. For maximum time, it is not caught completely and henceforth is considered to be distant to an average person.
Some trends seem achievable with the cultural touch and provide the eternal beauty whereas others seem awkward even to be look at. Some of the trends are so freaky and seem unbelievable that we just bang our head in dread.
Here, we have compiled a list of 10 weirdest beauty trends that seem not only the wackiest ever but also unsafe for the body parts-

Bagel Head InjectionsBagel Head Injections

Eyeball Jewelryyeball Jewelry

Neck Rings Neck Rings

Stiletto Surgery Stiletto Surgery

Super Sized BodiesSuper Sized Bodies
Lip ArtLip Art

Eyeball JewelryEyeball Jewelry

Rainbow BeardsRainbow Beards

Bagel ForeheadsBagel Foreheads