This is the reason why Taylor Swift’s bodyguard has become viral

The networks have not stopped talking about a picture in which the artist appears with his ‘bodyguard’

If you’re part of the team of an artist you will most likely make you famous. If all know Ariana Grande’s brother, Alfredo Flores, or Johnny, the great friend of Justin Bieber, it is logical that the fans also fichen bodyguard Taylor Swift. ┬┐Habemus new buenorro segurata? Keep calm that things are not going out there. Yes, there are many stars who have genuine bombonazos as security guards and have become a phenomenon among fandoms. But in the case of Taylor, the reason is different. You want to know why it has become veers l? Keep reading and you’ll understand.

What happens when Taylor Swift to the amusement park going? For that, in addition to have a wonderful time and enjoy as a dwarf, you need to be accompanied ALL THE TIME of his bodyguard. That includes attractions, of course.

So to take care of the protection of a super star as Taylor also have to be a lover of strong emotions and not make averse to anything. Nobody said it was easy!
Taylor Swift's funny

This weekend could see Taylor Swift enjoying it at the Disney park with a friend and daughter of this. The three climbed into a roller coaster and occupied the front seats while the bodyguard Tay Tay background was placed in a discreet. Soon it would be better …

There’s a picture that has become viral on social networks and expressionless careto showing the bouncer at the time of the fall heaviest of attraction. Que? There you go.

Taylor Swift's bodyguard

People has done much grace that man not to move even one of the muscles in his face despite the extreme speed of the roller coaster, which has become the real protagonist of this wonderful day in the park . Also note that it is like a wax doll with her headset hanging. To break!