This is how car drivers handle thrusters properly

This is how car drivers handle thrusters properly

They put on the flasher and drive very close: Reefers are not only, but especially on the highway a problem. That can intimidate – or make you angry. In such situations, there are many right and one wrong reaction.

Suddenly the car is so close that only a grille can be seen in the rearview mirror. That can unsettle Рor make you angry. However, Șren Heinze of the Auto Club Europa (ACE) advises to stay relaxed, even if it is sometimes difficult.

Under no circumstances should motorists slow down the oncoming driver or make a provocative gesture. This can be considered as coercion as the jostling of the other. “Just because someone is inconsiderate, I do not have to be myself,” says Heinze. His recommendation: If drivers are on the left lane at the moment, they should drive to the right at the next opportunity and clear the lane.

Do not let the lawn tempt you

If you are driving through a construction site and are being jostled by a truck, for example, you are looking at the displayed speed limit – you may have overlooked a sign here, and you are about 80 instead of 60 km / h previously allowed. Then you adjust the pace. Driving too fast is not advisable.

However, drivers do not have to put up with anything – when is jostling punishable? Roughly speaking, duration and intensity count here. So short-term, dense driving up as a distance violation with fine can be punished, explains the traffic lawyer Daniela Mielchen from Hamburg. According to the expert of the Traffic Law Association of the German Bar Association (DAV), this is not yet a punishable coercion.

Braking may also be coercion

On the other hand, what was already counted as punishable behavior: exhausting driving over a long period of time with considerable danger or intensive jostling with a flashlight – but also braking and shearing to prevent overtaking maneuvers. “You have no education order,” explains Heinze. “In such a situation one should above all endeavor to dissolve the danger quickly”, adds the expert of the ACE.

Of course, sufferers can report. This is at the nearest police station or by phone, explains Mielchen. In some federal states, this can also be done via an online form. Important: In addition to the place and time of the incident one should have noticed the license plate of the other car. And you should describe the car – color, make, model – as well as the person on the steering wheel as accurately as possible. The names of his passengers are also given: they could be interviewed as witnesses.

Delicate fines threaten

If it comes to a conviction, first-time offenders threaten in such cases, according to Mielchen about 30 to 60 daily sentences fine. With a monthly income of 3,000 euros net, that would be 3,000 to 6,000 euros penalty. This can be imposed up to six months driving ban. Two points in Flensburg come to it. In certain cases, the driving license can also be withdrawn.