This betrays the seating position over the personality

Without speaking a single word, we often reveal more about ourselves than we think. Psychologists claim that the sitting position of a person can provide information about his personality. We’ll tell you what seating habits reveal about people.

That a glance can say more than a thousand words is commonly known. The same applies to the sitting position, have psychologists of the “Glow Pink” magazine found out. That means: how we sit reveals who we are.

body language
With our posture, gestures and facial expressions, we continuously send signals to our environment. In other words, we communicate at all times, even without words. The communication scientist Paul Watzlawick summarized this finding in the statement “one can not not communicate” together. Our body language does not stop, even with your mouth closed.

I am sitting, so I am
In the train, at the desk or on the couch – many people always fall back on the same sitting habits. They fold their legs over each other, keeping them closed, forwards or sideways, or sitting on legs and chairs, legs apart. Coincidence? Psychologists are sure: no. Desperate dreamers and accurate perfectionists maintain different seating positions.

That’s what these gestures say about you
While the sitting position should allow statements about basic traits, certain gestures express feelings and moods. The constant drumming with the fingers gives impatience and nervousness. To put a finger to the nose is a common reflex at increased concentration.

Crossed arms divide the spirits of men and women. While the female expresses uncertainty and fear with this attitude, man symbolizes rejection and closed-mindedness. To correctly interpret the wordless language is not always easy.