Top 10 Lonely Planet Destinations 2017 are really worth their money in 2017

Breathtaking landscapes, a lot of culture and yet an affordable price – in a similar way the majority of travelers would describe their dream holiday. “Lonely Planet” has selected a top 10 destinations that are worth their money

The “Upper Peninsula of Michigan”, the upper peninsula, is one of the most beautiful areas the United States has to offer. Nevertheless, probably only travel experts have probably wandered here. There is much to discover in the north of the country

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The Bellarine Peninsula is something like the recreational area of ​​Melbourne’s stressed inhabitants. Deep in South Australia, great beaches and the historic small towns Queenscliff and Portarlington await their visitors.

The Bellarine Peninsula

In place of the 8th place, a whole country – Russia. The reason for “Lonely Planet” is conceivably simple: the cost of living is low thanks to the weak ruble. In addition, cities like St. Petersburg are always worth a visit.


Also on the next square is with Morocco a state. If you want to enter the cultural Orient, there is hardly a better address. The country is colorful, loud and fast. On a trip to the Sahara you can relax.

Looks like Caribbean, is also (almost) Caribbean. Belize is located in Central America and has therefore also dream beaches and crystal clear water to offer. The flight may not be a bargain, but hotel and living costs are sensationally low.

The city occupies a very different place in Debrecen in Hungary. The second largest city in Hungary is the traditional Hungarian. A pronounced cultural scene and festivals complete the positive overall impression.


Porto in Portugal is probably the most extensive Europeans a term, but as a destination, it is obviously only for the fewest question. The city is in third place with almost everything you can wish for.

The great unknown of the rankings is called Namibia. The country has much more to offer than monotonous desert. The flights to one of the most fascinating regions of Africa are also cheaper than expected.

For the first place in the true sense of the word, it is a high priority: Central Asia’s Nepal is the best address for the Lonely Planet in 2017. In addition to the affordable costs, the hospitality of the young republic speaks above all.