These Lonely Christmas Cards By Bridget McCartney Will Give You A Laughter Dose

She is 28 and is a native of Texas. Bridget McCartney works in a tech company and has 4 siblings. She is the youngest one. All her siblings are married and have children. They used to do their own holiday cards and Bridget was still in with her parents. Her mother told her that it is awkward that she is the only adult out of their five children in their Christmas card pictures. So, from next year her parents sent the card with their picture only. Then, Bridget decided to do her own to get back to all of them.

The tale begins in 2009 and is continued till now.


She sent her first card without letting it know to anyone and made a super hit in her family members and friends although her mother was not too happy.


And after that there is no looking back.


Although 2012 was not that bad because she got someone to accompany.


And by then she was getting funnier and funnier.


Her cards got viral last year.


And now she has lifted the bars.