These are the new echoes from Amazon

Amazon recently introduced a fresh echo lineup. From today’s Thursday, the new devices are officially available.

Voice control has been one of the biggest technology trends for some time now . Amazon also recognized this early and just a few weeks ago introduced the now third generation of its small, smart Echo Dot loudspeaker . In addition, the shipping giant presented its new Echo Plus speakers and a fresh Echo show. From today’s October 11, the devices are now officially available. They have to offer.

The little one gets more power
The smallest and cheapest speaker in the line-up of Amazon is the Echo Dot. The third generation still looks like an ice hockey puck, thanks to fresh fabric design – in anthracite, light gray and sandstone – the speaker is now more modern. Installed is a new 41 mm loudspeaker, which should provide according to Amazon for a clearer and stronger sound.

According to own data the Dot is the most popular loudspeaker of the Echo family. Among other things, this could be because it does not take up much space with its 43 x 99 x 99 millimeters. On the other hand, the dot is the cheapest variant of an echo , because the device is available for just under 60 euros. It’s also cheaper than most competitors. Google Home Mini is one of the few high quality alternatives that have a comparable price.

The big one looks better
The new Echo Plus also gets a modern design upgrade. While the first generation of the speaker looks like a plain tube, the second generation is now similar to the fresh dot. The sides of the speaker are covered in fabric in the same colors as the smaller brother, which makes the Echo Plus look really high quality.

Although the purchase price here is around 150 euros, thanks to the 76 mm woofer and 20 mm tweeter, the sound of the plus is significantly better than the much smaller dot. In addition, the premium speaker in the Amazon line-up has an integrated Zigbee Smart Home Hub. This makes it easy to connect compatible smart home devices and make Plus the linchpin of the smart home. For example, the voice command “Alexa, find my devices” is enough to automatically search and set up smart lamps and Co.

Larger screen for the multimedia
The second generation of the Echo Show now comes with 10-inch HD display therefore and should also offer a better sound than its predecessor. For example, the device is particularly practical when used in the kitchen, where it can not only help a user with a spoken guide, but can also show it, for example, the steps of a recipe in image and video. The new Echo Show can so far but only be pre-ordered. The devices are expected to be available from 2 November and cost around 230 euros.

Also exciting are some of the technical accessories that Amazon has presented, but like the Echo Show to appear only in the coming weeks. The Amazon Smart Plug is available from October 17 for just under 30 euros and allows you to control normal devices such as coffee machines and Co. with voice commands.

Echo Sub is an extra subwoofer that will significantly improve the sound experience of Echo and Echo Plus from 16 November for 130 euros. And Echo Input brings support for voice assistant Alexa for almost 40 euros on conventional speakers. A release date is not yet known here, but the publication should take place later this year.